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  1. ........ here is my Firefish, "LARGE" Banggai Cardinalfish and Yellow Clown Goby
  2. Here is an update..... back in March I purchased livestock and one of them had ich unknown to me. Was late removing the one fish and lost half of the stock except for two. The ich did not show until the fish were stressed. I added a Cinnamon Clown that turned out to be overly aggressive. Pictures will come but for now here is my stock. Current Livestock & Coral today is as follows: Livestock (Main Tank - 65 Hex): (1) Singapore Angelfish (1) Banggai Cardinalfish (1) Firefish (1) Dottyback (half purple, half yellow) (1) Yellow Clown Goby (2) XL Astraea Turbo Snail (2) Blue Leg Crab Livestock (Quarantine Tank - 10 Gallon): (1) Cinnamon Clown Corals (Main Tank - 65 Hex): Neon green Candy Cane / Trumpet Coral (Frag) Duncan Coral (3 Heads) Green Hammer Head (5 heads) Cabbage Leather Coral Brown Leather (?Hand or Toadstool?) Green Star Polyps Pulsing Xenia (THIS IS GROWING GREAT!!!) Pink Rapture Zoanthids (Frag) Taiwan Zoanthid Coral (Frag) Unknown Zoanthid (Frag) Unknown Ricordea coral (Frag)
  3. Kcfitz78

    Fritz Salt

    I like the Fritz and think it is a good salt mix. I have not had any issues. With that said, I still miss Oceanic Slat mix
  4. Just curious if anyone else gets their water from WaterShed???? I have been getting my water here since 2014
  5. Once a month on my 65 gallon hexagon tank, I will do a 20gallon water change (30%)
  6. I have seen utility knives that have the blades that break off in sentions.
  7. I am sure a few would still keep it going. I think MySpace is still alive and kicking even though everyone uses Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.
  8. Microfiber towels to clean the outside viewing surface of the tank.
  9. Never saw this thread before, so I guess I will start playing this game...... and now it is finished.
  10. Kcfitz78

    What salt?

    I have always used Oceanic. I just started my tank back up after 2 years. Now Oceanic is not easy to find and the price jumped up. I use to pay $57 for a bucket that was rated to make 150 to 200 gallons. The price today online line is $88. I liked Oceanic as it was higher in calcium and magnesium. Now I am looking to make the jump to Coralife. Any thoughts on these 2 salt mixes????
  11. Shakedown is done! I drained the fresh water out, put in my live pukani rock and filled it with saltwater. LOOKING SO GOOD!!!!!
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