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  1. Busy, busy, busy...... Spring time is the time to plant flowers, PULL ALGAE from aquarium rock, mow the lawn every 2 days, pull weeds, PULL ALGAE from aquarium rock, pull more weeds, till up garden, plant garden, PULL ALGAE from aquarium rock, water flowers, pull weeds from flowers bed, water garden, pull weeds from garden, PULL ALGAE from aquarium rock,........... basically pulling weeds and algae week
  2. Lol.... yes I know. When "full tank friday photo" thread shows up I have to think if it is really friday.
  3. Kcfitz78

    Branching GSP

    ..... or they might be selling Corky Sea Fingers (Briareum Asbestinum)
  4. Kcfitz78

    Branching GSP

    This is funny because I started something similar about 3 months ago. I glued together broken Coral skeletons and glued GSP on that. It has not spread all the way yet. Here are pics of one piece in the tank with GSP on it and one out of the tank
  5. Submission thread says........ This months POTM contest is sponsored by Premium Aquatics. https://premiumaquatics.com The winner will receive a Premium Aquatics $25 E-Certificate. CONGRATS @Waffen06 !!! Great picture.
  6. All the cool stuff never seems to be close..... probably cause everything is cool to me.... lol
  7. What if any saltwater fish do you have in stock at this moment?
  8. WHERE ARE THEY LOCATED? All 11 WaterShed locations: Northwestern Water & Sewer District Headquaters, 12560 Middleton Pike, Bowling Green, Ohio Northwood, 1740 S. Wheeling Street in the Frisch’s Big Boy parking lot. Bowling Green – Northeast corner of Haskins and Poe Road Bowling Green – 989 South Main Street- former Watermill Express Fostoria Plaza – Plaza Drive-US 23/SR 199, Fostoria Village of Custar – 9110 Custar Road-across from the American Legion McClure – 2926 US 6, McClure, OH 43534 Stony Ridge – Fremont Pike-Former Township Bldg. Bloomdale -located at the village’s water tower McComb – located in the Village park near SR 613 & SR 235 Walbridge – 108 N. Main Street, Walbridge, Ohio in the library parking lot All locations are open 24-hours per day, 7-days per week.
  9. I am currently doing this. I watched a YouTube video where Humblefish mentioned dosing the display tank to treat for parasites mainly, but was also used for algae issues. 1ml per 8-10 gallon in the display tank every 12 hours Dose with lights off as hydrogen peroxide is weakened by light. Here is a post from Humblefish on the dosing..... "In most cases, you can safely dose 3% Hydrogen Peroxide in a reef environment every 12 hours at a dosage range of 1ml per 8-10 gallons. This is already being done to combat cyano, dinos and various nuisance algae. The problem with dosing in a reef environment is light, gas exchange and other factors will decompose H2O2. Which will possibly drop it below "therapeutic" (for parasite purposes) before you can safely administer the next dosage."
  10. We canceled direct TV over a year ago. We were already Amazon Prime members so I used credit card perk points to get a FireTV pendant for free. Best decision ever. We cut the TV bill and never added any cost after that.
  11. Kcfitz78

    USPS fail

    This was posted on Facebook from an Oak Harbor Postal employee..... **PSA:: from your local post office! Please be aware that due the corona virus affecting Michigan (where our distribution plant is) we are experiencing MANY delays! Most packages are being staged in Allen Park and are running a week or so behind! So please, if your package has not moved on the tracking don’t be alarmed! We are aware and multiple plans are going into place to correct this! Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time!!

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