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  1. Kcfitz78

    Staub Aqua Farm

    Not sure what pulshing xenia are to look like closed up, but the star polyps look good. So once they shipped the package and gave you a tracking number how ling did it take to get to your house?
  2. What light did you go with?
  3. Busy, busy, busy...... Spring time is the time to plant flowers, PULL ALGAE from aquarium rock, mow the lawn every 2 days, pull weeds, PULL ALGAE from aquarium rock, pull more weeds, till up garden, plant garden, PULL ALGAE from aquarium rock, water flowers, pull weeds from flowers bed, water garden, pull weeds from garden, PULL ALGAE from aquarium rock,........... basically pulling weeds and algae week
  4. Lol.... yes I know. When "full tank friday photo" thread shows up I have to think if it is really friday.
  5. ..... or they might be selling Corky Sea Fingers (Briareum Asbestinum)
  6. This is funny because I started something similar about 3 months ago. I glued together broken Coral skeletons and glued GSP on that. It has not spread all the way yet. Here are pics of one piece in the tank with GSP on it and one out of the tank
  7. Submission thread says........ This months POTM contest is sponsored by Premium Aquatics. https://premiumaquatics.com The winner will receive a Premium Aquatics $25 E-Certificate. CONGRATS @Waffen06 !!! Great picture.
  8. All the cool stuff never seems to be close..... probably cause everything is cool to me.... lol
  9. What if any saltwater fish do you have in stock at this moment?
  10. WHERE ARE THEY LOCATED? All 11 WaterShed locations: Northwestern Water & Sewer District Headquaters, 12560 Middleton Pike, Bowling Green, Ohio Northwood, 1740 S. Wheeling Street in the Frisch’s Big Boy parking lot. Bowling Green – Northeast corner of Haskins and Poe Road Bowling Green – 989 South Main Street- former Watermill Express Fostoria Plaza – Plaza Drive-US 23/SR 199, Fostoria Village of Custar – 9110 Custar Road-across from the American Legion McClure – 2926 US 6, McClure, OH 43534 Stony Ridge – Fremont Pike-Former Township Bldg.
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