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  1. Right now this is my fav as I just recieved this brain frag a couple days ago from SaltCritters.
  2. Kcfitz78

    Live Aquaria

    Petco is the same as LiveAquaria and gets fish from same stock, but Petco does not guarantee marine fish for the 14 days that LiveAquaria does. I have had losses from Petco too.
  3. 1. Cheddar cheese popcorn 2. Torilla chips 3. White Queso cheese dip 4. Ritz crackers 5. Block of sharp cheddar cheese 6. Pepperoni slices 4,5 & 6 with mustard is what I call my adult lunchable
  4. Kcfitz78

    Live Aquaria

    I placed my first online fish order ever. I chose LiveAquaria as they had 15% off and special sales on some fish I wanted. From the first order 2 were dead on arrival and I lost half of a livestock. I only recieved credit for the lost fish and no credit towards shipping or box fee. I was sucked in to placing a 2nd order to use my credit. At least the sale special was better at 20% off. Also on the 2nd order I was lucky that thr same fish came back up on special sale.
  5. Yes they are. I made my first ever order and i recieved credit for my losses. I then placed a 2nd order 4 weeks later to use my credit.
  6. I have made 2 orders through LiveAquaria so far. It is great to be home when UPS arrives. .... but on the other side of things, not to happy with the marine fish not surviving. I am lossing half of them before 14 days. The fish go right into a QT setup except for a few that have to go straight to the display tank.
  7. Yes eating great and attacks its food..... mysis one day, then next day marine pellets, then day after that mix of mysis/kill/spirulina. Will also go after nori on a clip but not much. All food except nori, are treated with general cure and focus.
  8. Well now my blue tang looks like this 6 hours after moving it from one quarantine tank to another. My quarantine was chloroquine phosphate in the water and feeding food mixed with General Cure and Focus for 14 days. Today I moved the blue tang to just a saltwater quarantine setup.
  9. Thanks. I looked lymphocysits on HumbleFish's website and that is it. No treatment, other than good feedings with "vitamin-enriched foods and prestine water conditions" and condition will go away.
  10. Is this bacterial? There are white fuzzy tufts on fins of Atlantic Blue Tang? It will fall off when netted, but comes back the next day. Treatment? I have the blue tang in quarantine after coming from LiveAquaria
  11. Where did you find this at?
  12. Today only, earn a $50 gift certificate with any order of $199+ plus free shipping...... use promo code 50GIFTS

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