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    Kcfitz78 reacted to Flounder in New Stuff   
    Foxface is still timid but got some photo's. He is active unless I walk up to the tank with a camera and has great yellow during the day and the night time color change is crazy. The Scaly is a great color contrast. They are night feeders and this morning I noticed the tentacles out while the sun was coming up. Interesting night life developing.

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    Kcfitz78 reacted to Aqua Culture in Aqua Culture Toledo is Backkk!!!   
    Aqua Culture is back and we're slowly building our stock back up....we're located at 5153 Sudar Ave Toledo OH...we can't wait to see you all again...we truly missed you...come see our awesome selection of coral fish and inverts etc at great prices ...we're striving to be your trusted LFS. Please check our weekday hours or come see us on the weekends...we're typically open 11-1 weekdays plus appointments available and 11-1pm plus 3-8pm on weekends (Sat/Sun)....we are striving to do as much aqua culture as possible to offer the cleanest coral available. We are excited to bounce back hard after covid and we will prove to you ....we want to WIN your support....and we're confident in our supply chain and care of these precious animals....come have a look and ask us about anything....we want you to be successful in this hobby. My partner and I have a combined 40 plus years of experience in this hobby and we make sure it shows when you walk in to our shop....Thanks for reading or sharing and we cannot wait to see you all again.....
    Find us on Google maps..."Ceramics @Aqua Culture, LLC"
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    Kcfitz78 reacted to Biecacka in Iso corals   
    Red tip bubble nems. 20$ each. Columbus
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    Kcfitz78 got a reaction from Muttley000 in Happy Thanksgiving Buckeye Reef!   
    Happy belated Thanksgiving!!!
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    Kcfitz78 reacted to hllywd in Finally.   
    Our downstairs has been a mess since the bottom seal of our 200DD gave way back in April. Carpet’s coming Wednesday. I have to have this running, and the stock tank out before then...

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    Kcfitz78 reacted to Muttley000 in Happy Thanksgiving Buckeye Reef!   
    Hope it’s great!
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    Kcfitz78 reacted to SaltCritters in Last Chance for new corals!   
    Last chance to get your goodies before the holiday!
    More Corals added!
    Shop The Newest!       Shipping schedule
    This week: Monday 11/21 is the ONLY shipping day.
    Next Week: Tuesday 11/29 and Wednesday 11/30 are the ONLY shipping days!
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    Kcfitz78 reacted to josbur63 in Rose bubble tips and mushrooms   
    I have small,medium,and large rose bubble tip anemones for sale or trade,and a few red mushroom rocks.The bubble tips are $20 each,3 for $50.The mushrooms are $5 each.Located in Harrison,Ohio.Thx.

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    Kcfitz78 reacted to Biecacka in Rose bubble tip anemones for sale   
    I have some rose bubble tip anemones for sale. They split a number of times in my tank and now I have more than I want. Uneasy seeing them move around to get settled in and coming in close contact with some sps.
    20$ pickup only in columbus  

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    Kcfitz78 reacted to mrx1tuba in Purple Tangs!   
    Monster purple tangs in today! Along with loads of other new fish!
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    Kcfitz78 reacted to music in Victoria Musics 180 rebuild   
    Some things have suffered the neglect.  
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    Kcfitz78 reacted to SaltCritters in Winter Storm got you down?   
    Winter Storm got you down?
    These deals will cheer you up!
        Acan Coral F141
    $39.99 $19.99
      Shop now       Acan Coral F163
    $194.99 $169.99
      Shop now       Brain Coral F123
    $39.99 $19.99
      Shop now     Ultra Rock Flower Anemone 11
    $69.99 $49.99
      Shop now       Zoanthid Coral F180
    $39.99 $29.99
      Shop now       Gonipora Coral F126
    $39.99 $24.99
      Shop now     Ricordea Florida Mushroom Coral F62
    $39.99 $29.99
      Shop now       Ricordea Florida Mushroom Coral F140
    $29.99 $24.99
      Shop now       Chaetomorpha Macro Algae 2oz
    $34.99 $9.99
      Shop now         Blastomusa Coral F222
    $59.99 $39.99
      Shop now       Acan Coral F228
    $124.99 $79.99
      Shop now       Hammer Coral F216
    $94.99 $69.99
      Shop now     Brain Coral F299
    $39.99 $29.99
      Shop now       Ultra Rock Flower Anemone 45
    $59.99 $39.99
      Shop now       Ultra Rock Flower Anemone 34
    $79.99 $49.99
      Shop now     Mushroom Coral F37
    $94.99 $79.99
      Shop now       Obsidian Krak Zoanthid Coral F3
    $279.99 $194.99
      Shop now       Zoanthid Coral F65
    $29.99 $19.99
      Shop now     Hundreds more! SaltCritters
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    Kcfitz78 reacted to maddhatter in Holidays stores, an (thoughts) an (Questions)   
    As it gets around the holidays months the aquatic industry has their black Fridays sales an deals, I've however noticed the irony of that within itself, first off I was shopping In a ohio based store that I like to go to, as the owner, an workers always strive for the best, even if it is a little on the spendy side it's worth it for the most part.
    I kept hearing customers an staff mention how the hobby has gone from being enjoyed, to being a money business an people trying to charge anything they want, an how it has changed over the years. The more I thought about it the more I have to agree. Which brings me to my point I have gone to multiple stores with in the state where im always on the search for new items, or the unusual an even to just get out of the house, at multiple stores I've noticed items that just never seem to sell an ill ask the same person there how much the coral is. Always insane prices an the price always change, on place a coral went from. 70.00 the 2 weeks after 75.00 2 weeks later 95.00 a month later 110.00 for the same peice an asking the same people.
    If it isn't selling why raise the price especially when I can go online to most cor places an buy it retail for 25.00, or these black Fridays, when they raise the price of a coral from 100.00 to 350.00 then say they are giving you 20 percent off, as if that's a deal, then after the holidays have passed its back to the original price.
    An here lately I've noticed more garage stores popping up an selling corals higher than what most over priced stores are, or even these businesses saying they are selling wholesale yet a small frag of green or purple basic Montipora is 80.00. 
    In my opion I figure that as what used to be a hobby seems to be leaning more towards financial gains than enjoyment.
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    Kcfitz78 reacted to mrx1tuba in Yellow Tangs!   
    Aquacultured yellow tangs in stock at BG Petco now! Don't miss out. Lots of beautiful fish in this week. Something for every tank. Come check out our selection!
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    Kcfitz78 reacted to j2b in Hollywood Stunner   
    Greetings all! I just broke off a bunch of Hollywood Stunner free if you want it. I'll meet you in the Oregon area.

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    Kcfitz78 reacted to mrx1tuba in Marine Sale!   
    All Marine life 20% off 6/4, 6/5, and 6/6! All Fluval Sea products on sale as well. 1% of national sales donated for World Oceans Day!
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    Kcfitz78 reacted to SaltCritters in Overstocked! Save Big! New Anemones and Frags!   
    Save big!
    ALL livestock marked down!
    Shop New Goodies
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    Kcfitz78 reacted to mrx1tuba in Somethings new   
    Blue spot jawfish in stock!
    Rhino blenny - for those oddball folks
    Princess parrot
    Convict Tang
    Fuzzy Angler!
    Blue jaw and Niger triggers
    Adorable porcupine puffer
    Lyretail anthias trio 
    New clowns in plus more.
    Banggai and chromis always in stock
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    Kcfitz78 got a reaction from Sevitz5 in New group on Facebook   
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    Kcfitz78 reacted to mrx1tuba in LOTS to see!   
    So much to see i thought I'd try a video this week! PM for more info.

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    Kcfitz78 got a reaction from Joe in $1.00 Aquarium Items from Stores where everything is a DOLLAR!   
    $1 baking soda (sodium bicarbonate).
    Great to use to raise alkalinity, but will lower PH. PH will come back and stabilize, but it is recommended to only raise alkalinity no more than 1.4 DKH per day.
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    Kcfitz78 reacted to Joe in $1.00 Aquarium Items from Stores where everything is a DOLLAR!   
    Good to know. Picked up some yesterday. A 2 pack for $1.80. 
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    Kcfitz78 reacted to AndrewSPS in Zoanthid clear out   
    Please help me rid of some of these over grown plugs. 
    -Halle berry $15 or 2/$25
    -sunny D $20 or 2/$30
    - coronas $15 or 2/$25 (can cut larger frags) 
    -pink diamonds $15 (can cut larger frags)
    -green emeralds $15 or 2/$25
    -pink monsters $15 or 2/$25 (can cut larger frags)
    -gold dust $15 2/$25 (can cut larger frags)
    -utter chaos $20 2/$35 
    multiple discounts available or free frags to go along with them. Located in Lima.

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    Kcfitz78 reacted to SaltCritters in Check out Todays discount and New corals!   
    Update Time!

    We listed up a little bit of everything!
    Check them out!

    Don't miss Todays Discount!
          The light we use over our tanks!
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    Kcfitz78 reacted to surjer in FTS Friday!   

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