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  1. Do you have anything left? I may be interested in multiple things from your list.
  2. mchute85

    New Fish

    I recently got three fish from a local reefer and underestimated their size. Two PJ cardinals 3" and a pink watchman goby that looks to be 4-5". My issue is I have a small molly miller blenny 1-1.5" and a 1" clown in the 40 gallon breeder I planned to move them all into. Am I asking for trouble adding them together? Will the goby eat the molly miller....he is like 5 times the size? Let me know your thoughts. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  3. Joe not sure if you are still looking for chaeto. I was able to get it from Algae Barn this morning.
  4. I will have to watch my nem I have that same guard.
  5. I fed it just a little reef chilli since i was already feeding it to other corals. It was the first time I fed since it, so maybe it was just cleaning out dieoff from being moved.
  6. I added a nem to my tank last Sunday and everything seems to be going well. I will try to get a picture tonight when the lights are on. One question for the group. After feeding the nem last night it excreted some sort of slime. Is that normal after feeding?
  7. I have been checking algaebarn and it never seems to be in stock. I was hoping to get clean chaeto, but may have to get some locally and try to clean it.
  8. Joe were you able to get Chaeto from algae barn. I still have not seen it in stock.
  9. Thanks for the quick reply! I will have to start looking for a nem.
  10. I am interested in a couple of items if you are willing to part it out.
  11. Will a nem do well in a 20 gallon tank? Been running for 3+ years. I have an Ocean Revive t-247 which I think should support a nem. I was thinking about a bubble tip that I would get locally in Columbus. I see them pop-up for sale often on the local Facebook group.
  12. I will try the same good suggestion.
  13. BRS did an analysis of the Reef Brite XHO lights that was really interesting. They did a direct comparison to T5 lighting. It would be worth a watch if you have not purchased new lights yet.
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