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  1. Agreed if you need anything to keep your tank up and running let us know. I have all kinds of unused equipment laying around. I would also be willing to pitch in if you need supplies! Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  2. Late to respond, but welcome!
  3. As the others said I hope all is ok for you and your family. I would be interested in the kole tang, flame, wrasse, and blenny. I am willing to give you money as well so you are not completely out. I would also give you the fish back in the future if you decide to get back into the hobby.
  4. I clean with turkey baster and with hose during water changes.
  5. It is great to hear that Wyatt is making progress. I can't imagine what you guys have been through! I pray for Wyatt to make a full recovery, he sounds like one tough guy! I agree with Muttley that this is a great group of people!
  6. Joe I am interested to hear your comparison of the Ocean Revives vs the Prime HD. I have the ORs over my tank and plan to use them over my new tank whenever I get that setup. I was also thinking of adding some T5s as supplemental light.
  7. Thanks guys I will ask a couple of specific questions over on Hublefish's forum. There is a great thread going right now on how to quarantine with a lot of good information. I think I am scared to jump in, but I am going to have to just go for it here soon. I will have everything I need to start shortly. I will make sure I post pictures and my progress of hopefully my success! By the way great suggestion on testing the ammonia badge, I would have never tested that otherwise! Also from what I have read on the fish I am going to be QTing they all seem pretty tolerant.
  8. Thanks for the replies! I am so intimidated to do medicated quarantine, but think it will be worth it in the end. I have some questions I keep pondering: Do you think it makes sense to go through this now before I put the fish in my 20 gallon tank or should I wait and do it before they go in the 92 gallon (probably 4-6 months before I take on that project). I keep second guessing putting the 4 fish in a 10 gallon tank, do you think it is big enough? I am leaning towards not seeding the tanks with media from my existing tank in case there is desises in the tank already. Instead I would seed the sponge filter and media in my HOB filter with live bacteria (Dr. Tims One and Only). Thanks in advance for the help! JMM / Muttley - I have a plan to not cross contaminate and have enough HOB filters, pumps, sponges, ammonia badges, heaters, nets, etc. for two seperate tanks. Now to just pull it off without making a mistake! I will share pictures and my list of supplies when they all get here.
  9. I have an RODI unit that I would let go pretty cheap, but it does not have pre-filters and is missing one of the black o-rings (a couple of bucks at Home Depot -> O-Ring ). I have an extra 5 micron carbon block I would throw in, but you would need the sediment filter and a second carbon block. The only other thing that I didn't like about it is the canisters are solid white instead of clear. I tested the membrane with 135 TDS input water and was getting 1 TDS product water. Let me know if you are interested.
  10. mchute85


    I would love to raise the fry if that ever happened, but not sure if I have the skills for that. I agree I hope they would come out with a head and tail
  11. Hi, I plan on adding a couple of new fish to my existing 20 gallon tank and have been doing a lot of reading on quarantine methods (Hubmle.fish & Reef2Reef). There are a lot of recommendations on doing medicated quarantine and am leaning towards this method to prevent disease from entering my tank (14 days of Copper Power then a round of General Cure w/ Metrozole mixed in). My plan is to get (2) 10 gallon tanks and move the fish to the second tank after the copper. My questions are: Am I crazy for doing the medicated quarantine...I think this is the best question to start with Is 10 gallons enough for (2) clowns, a Yellow Watchman Goby, and a Lemon Damsel? Should I just do a non-medicated quarantine/observation now and then do a medicated one later once I get my 92 gallon corner tank setup? I will share progress on that when it gets started. Sorry for the long & wordy post!
  12. mchute85


    Is the ORA Caramel clownfish the same as a Mocha clownfish in your opinion. I have what I think is a Mocha clownfish (image below) and was going to get the ORA Caramel as a mate.
  13. I also have only blue lights on for the 1st and last hour of my cycle. This brings up another question for the group that has probably been answered 100 times. How long of a cycle does everyone run?
  14. Thanks for the responses! I plan on getting a pistol shrimp at some point to pair with the yellow goby. Probably once i finally get my 92 gallon corner tank up and running.
  15. Hi, I have a 20 gallon tank that has been running for 2+ years and everything is going really well except for a little algae, which I have under control. Currently I have one clown in the tank, a couple of snails, two hermit crabs, and 5 corals. I started shopping to add some additional clean up crew and decided that I wanted to add a couple of other things as well (trying to get to $149+ to get free shipping from Live Aquaria). Long story short, can I add everything listed below at one time? 5 blue leg hermits crabs 10 snails Peppermint Shrimp Emerald Crab Caramel Clownfish Yellow Watchman Goby Tuxedo Urchin Duncan Coral Let me know your thoughts. Thanks, Matt

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