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  1. Do you have anything left? I may be interested in multiple things from your list.
  2. mchute85

    New Fish

    I recently got three fish from a local reefer and underestimated their size. Two PJ cardinals 3" and a pink watchman goby that looks to be 4-5". My issue is I have a small molly miller blenny 1-1.5" and a 1" clown in the 40 gallon breeder I planned to move them all into. Am I asking for trouble adding them together? Will the goby eat the molly miller....he is like 5 times the size? Let me know your thoughts. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  3. Joe not sure if you are still looking for chaeto. I was able to get it from Algae Barn this morning.
  4. I will have to watch my nem I have that same guard.
  5. I fed it just a little reef chilli since i was already feeding it to other corals. It was the first time I fed since it, so maybe it was just cleaning out dieoff from being moved.
  6. I added a nem to my tank last Sunday and everything seems to be going well. I will try to get a picture tonight when the lights are on. One question for the group. After feeding the nem last night it excreted some sort of slime. Is that normal after feeding?
  7. I have been checking algaebarn and it never seems to be in stock. I was hoping to get clean chaeto, but may have to get some locally and try to clean it.
  8. Joe were you able to get Chaeto from algae barn. I still have not seen it in stock.
  9. Thanks for the quick reply! I will have to start looking for a nem.
  10. I am interested in a couple of items if you are willing to part it out.
  11. Will a nem do well in a 20 gallon tank? Been running for 3+ years. I have an Ocean Revive t-247 which I think should support a nem. I was thinking about a bubble tip that I would get locally in Columbus. I see them pop-up for sale often on the local Facebook group.
  12. I will try the same good suggestion.
  13. BRS did an analysis of the Reef Brite XHO lights that was really interesting. They did a direct comparison to T5 lighting. It would be worth a watch if you have not purchased new lights yet.
  14. I'm in the same boat right now. I hope I can snag some from algae barn though. I would be interested in how your QT goes if you end up going through it.
  15. I am sure you already found it, but this is a great forum post that answers most QT questions. QT Setup. Also if you have questions I just got through a two tank QT on 4 fish. I learned a lot in the process.
  16. What kind of coral is in the first two pictures?
  17. Sorry to hear that your new tank chipped!
  18. Agreed if you need anything to keep your tank up and running let us know. I have all kinds of unused equipment laying around. I would also be willing to pitch in if you need supplies! Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  19. Late to respond, but welcome!
  20. As the others said I hope all is ok for you and your family. I would be interested in the kole tang, flame, wrasse, and blenny. I am willing to give you money as well so you are not completely out. I would also give you the fish back in the future if you decide to get back into the hobby.
  21. I clean with turkey baster and with hose during water changes.
  22. It is great to hear that Wyatt is making progress. I can't imagine what you guys have been through! I pray for Wyatt to make a full recovery, he sounds like one tough guy! I agree with Muttley that this is a great group of people!
  23. Joe I am interested to hear your comparison of the Ocean Revives vs the Prime HD. I have the ORs over my tank and plan to use them over my new tank whenever I get that setup. I was also thinking of adding some T5s as supplemental light.
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