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  1. hi all here is some more pics of the tanks I am selling the first one is 150Gal I want $100 for it stand needs some love and the tank just needs cleaning with warm water to get the salt out the second tank is still running with a few fish in it couple Sargent majors in it and a couple angels nothing fancy coral beauty and half and half a scopas tang maybe one or 2 more fish and a lot of rock that has been in that tank for over 5 years it has ben torn down and moved in that time. and reassembled so the rock has been moved around in that tank a few times $150 for the tank and stand $200 fo
  2. have more stuff to post will do it tomorrow when I wake up
  3. what size tank are you putting it on I have 2 as long as I can find all the parts for the smaller one this the big one it runs off a pan world 70R the pressure rated one this thing ran both 150's and a 180 Gal it sucked all the protein out of the tanks. The skimmer is 4 foot tall and is a mrc clone that was built when all of us (MRC and A. Calfho and some others) use to be on IRC channels back 15 years ago the smaller one I have is for 150 and down just have to make sure I have the cup I believe I do .:) not sure of the make but it was bought from fish Doc will sell the one in the pic for $150
  4. hi all I am very sorry I just up and left but right after posting this I was hospitalized for a week and then COVID-19 came and I was not on the list of people that had to have access to my work but know I do. and if anyone is interested in buying my tanks I will be happy to sell them please email me at rott@buckeye-express.com as well as here I will post pics of some of the tanks tonight
  5. one of the 150 is empty the other one is up and running but I can tear it down if serious
  6. Hi all I am trying to get all the pics of my phone wich is not connecting to my computer and is giving me hard time uploading I plan on having many pics of stuff this week end sorting threw so much hardware that I have is proven to be more time consuming than I thought and doing it alone takes even longer I will have stuff posted by this week end sorry for the delay Dale
  7. I have a 2 150 gal tanks both of them have a thumb nail size chip in the back right corner of the glass one tank came to me like that 5 years ago never had a problem with the tank. second tank has exact same problem and it is drilled for reef ready and I am running it right now with close to 100lbs of rock in it and a few fish. the first tank needs to have the stand repainted or stained I kept sting rays in that tank and the spit water out when they wanted attention and over the years it took the finish off the stand if some one want it I will sell for $100 the second t
  8. No sorry my last use of some thing like that was just using a large media circulator with micro K1 media that worked out good for me with nitrates
  9. Hay Mike not a problem I have a lot of pumps rio and magdrive and a uv that need a new bulb it is 40W I am still unpacking a lot of large box's and totes and hope to have a pictures and prices up in the next few days I had to move a lot of stuff home and out of storage I have a few big tanks I am selling but have to get the fish and live rock out first
  10. after 10 + years in reefing I am leaving still doing freshwater fish and 2 koi ponds just not reefing anymore I am asking people for a wish list kinda thing I have 12 moving boxes and 6 totes full of reefing gear so if you are looking for any thing ask here and a price you would pay for it. please don't be asking for a 400$ skimmer and offer $20 serious only please
  11. If you guys need anything I have tons of stuff and a couple corals and fish I do not have a list or a thing yet
  12. Lost all my funding for my reef tanks at the university so I am going to list all my tanks and every thing reef related for sale asap
  13. I'm in Toledo if you want to drive up here and its free bro if you do
  14. If you need water I got you covered
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