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  1. I've been wanting to experiment with it for years, just haven't gotten around to it. Check out this: http://www.ecosystemaquarium.com/one-year-update-of-the-tanks-using-different-filtration-systems/ He did a test over 1 year on 4 similarly stocked tanks with 4 different types of filtration systems. If I remember right (Didn't re-watch the video yet) the system with miracle mud and limited daily protein skimming (6hrs a day I believe) did the best. I do wonder if he still has the tanks setup because I haven't found any updates pass 2013.
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    I'm going to end up using it again on my DT. I just need to stop over at Saltwater Havens and grab some replacement slides so it can monitor ammonia and ph. They come in 3 packs for about $30 I believe. It would be nice to see my ph swings. Now I would love to get my hands on that Mindstream monitor! Just can't afford 1k to throw down right now for the monitor and years worth of replacement disc. I think it would be very cool to see calcium levels drop as your corals use it up. Sent from my Nexus 9 using Tapatalk
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    Thanks. I grabbed a screen shot of what the web view looks like on seneye's website with the data from the monitor. If the temp, PH, or ammonia spiked it would alert you via text or email which was nice. Now my monitor hasn't been plugged in for a couple of years, so your seeing data from when I had it on my 125g. Currently my DT is a 40g breeder plus I have a 10g office tank and a 100g stock tank with all my leftover fish and live rock from my 125g. The PAR reader on the monitor was handy this year when I switched from a quad T5HO to the Maxspect Razor. I started my LEDs on similiar levels my tank was seeing with the T5HOs. The PAR reader was also useful in determining when to replace T5 bulbs.
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    I bought one when it first came out in the US just for the PAR reader. You do not need a replacement slide to keep using the PAR reader. It doesn't even need the slide to be in it just to use the PAR sensor. I was thinking about getting a replacement slide just to monitor how my PH swings. Saltwater Havens in Akron carries them.

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