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  1. Quick update, pretty sure the tank is sold at this point, however if the deal falls through I will post it in the equipment thread where it technically belongs.
  2. So I am breaking down my tank for an upcoming move and need to offload the livestock. I will get pics up in a bit. As a heads up, the tank is loaded with aptasia so all corals will need QT before placing in your tank. If your new to the hobby please pass on this offer. Zebra eel approx 3 ft long $100 Bubble tip anenome - similar to the sunburst but can't recall the name. all 4) $100 Green and White grande palys, at least 50 to 60 polyps $100 Blue ridge coral - $40 Cinnamon grande palys $40 For those of you that remember me, I appreciate all the conversation, trades, buying, selling and wisdom you have shared with me over the years. I went through a state of deep depression, a stressful acquisition of my workplace, and with all of the traveling I was doing my tank suffered some routine maintenance that lead to a clogged Alk doser. The tank suffered catastrophic loss of corals. With over 10k of losses in corals and fish followed by moving to a different house only the above made it through. I hope to someday return to the hobby but for now life has led me in a different direction. Happy reefing to all. PS, the 400 gallon tank is currently in negotiation. Asking 1,000 for it the basic stand and the 125 sump. If you or someone you is looking for one send me a message.
  3. Located in Fort Wayne. I'll try to get some pics of the corals posted,may be a day or two though. I''m on 12 hour days at work so i won't see home much..
  4. I have a large passer and Huma up for sale. They have been in my care for close to five years now. Great fish and no health issues. 100 bucks for the passer, 50 for the huma trigger. I have devils hand, cabage leather on rock as well. The rock is covered in algae though so it's going to need some cleaning. I'd take 120 for all of the rock. Probably a 150 pounds there. The pics are crappy because the glassed needs a good friend. Work has been killing my free time.
  5. All corals sold. Mods please lock thread. Thanks again to all!
  6. Guys, thanks for all of the replies, the sale is currently pending. I will keep you posted.
  7. As you can see in the pics my lights are dying and I do have a little algae going on. I can't afford/justify new lights right now so $250 takes all of the corals, EXCLUDING THE BTA. There are a ton of corals in here, war coral, acans, zoas, rastas, blue tubs...the list goes on. Look closely, if you have been in the hobby any amount of time you will know there is no way you can buy this many corals for such a low price. Not looking for trades and will ignore anyone asking if its available, or low ball offers. $250 is the bottom line, I'll leave it up for a week or so and then off to the pet store it all goes. Grab it while you can!!
  8. Brains sold, forgot to take them down. Still have some hammers/frogspawn
  9. Maddhatter, I have no intentions of separating the 220 at this point it time. If someone wanted all the livestock so I could drain it then maybe but all of the equipment will be a package. I don't have the time to sell it piece by piece. It's all paid for to me so if it sits there empty for ten years I could care less. I'll loose my tail on the sale of it anyways. As for corals, the tank is full of softies, leathers, gsp etc. It also has a monster Passer Angel and a large Huma trigger. I have some other corals from the 400 posted in the marketplace and will likely be posting more in the near future.
  10. Hey Muttley, I believe it's a very old version of the MTC skimmer but no it's not the one like you have. I have updated it with the new venturi and waste collector though. I'm not 100% sure about the exit but I have very little time between work and travel. I have lost 1000s of dollars in corals over the last year because of it. I may end up going fish only on the 400 that way it's easier to maintain and less likely to loose money.
  11. 220 Gallon tank with 3 ocean revive led lights. Monster skimmer with waste collector, acrylic sump, pump and heater. Has a bunch of soft corals and quite a bit of rock. Looking to sell as a complete setup, currently in wall so you will need to modify the stand or supply your own. This is the only pic I have handy on it, it's pretty much the same equipment, the rocks are different and it has a whole bunch of algae now. The tank is drilled at the top center of back. Asking $1000 for all of it.
  12. New never used sump. It was cracked upon arrival. I repaired the crack but never tested it. It may need some additional glue or sealant applied to it. If you are on a tight budget or want to save some money now is the time, assuming you are willing to put in a little work if needed. Originally bought for $379. Asking $75. Still have the box it was shipped in as well. Local pickup only, located in Fort Wayne.
  13. Hey guys I've been a workaholic lately and my tank has gotten away from me. It's time to thin out my corals. I have two 20+ head colonies of green hammers up for sale. Asking $75 per colony only because I need them gone, you won't find a better deal for this big of colony. Also have a bunch of leathers, Devil's hand, Cabbage. All different sizes. $5 to $50 Brain coral $40 Green SPS (pocillopora or something like that) $20 a colony Located in Ft Wayne, not able to ship or deliver, available most weekends for pickup. No trades at this as I am likely exiting the hobby in the near future. Serious buyers can reply and I will watch for it in my inbox. Thanks for reading
  14. Fishtrap, requires patience but works like a champ. My lfs even has a loaner one so you ask them or check around the local clubs.
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