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  1. @Sevitz5I think I'd keep them for anything lower than the $190
  2. (2) Kessil A360N-E Tuna Blue with A series mounting arm $190 each JBJ Arctica Chiller 1⁄10 HP (Works great) $200 -Manufactured: 06/18https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/jbj-arctica-chiller-1-10-hp.htmlBrand New Avast Marine Large Davey Jones Skimmate Locker with I/O minidin-8 connector : $100https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/large-davey-jones-skimmate-locker-avast-marine.html
  3. Caleb


    Second and last two pictures on the first post are Leptoseris. First lepto looks like it could be a Jack-O-Lantern.
  4. Also have JBJ Nanocube28 with stand and hood with working CF quad lights, comes with a couple extra media baskets (Will need new pumps and one of the fans makes a noise for a couple seconds when it comes on sometimes. I took it apart and cleaned it and seemed to fix it.) $140
  5. Frag tank and Kessil are both sold
  6. Not sure how many hours on the kessil, It was ran over a softie tank for about a year and a half.
  7. Downsizing some of my equipment to fund my current build. 2 Hamilton Bali Sun Single Ended Mogul Base Pendants Radium 400W 20k Blue bulbs (both work but not sure of how many hours are on them) 2 Lumatek LK400 Ballasts$125JBJ RL-20 AIO Frag tank with stand(Taken down last week, used as a shallow reef. Will need a new pump)$1201 Kessil A360w Tuna BlueGooseneckLink Cable$240ReefBreeder Photon 32" V1 $200Will have other stuff as I tear things down.
  8. I can understand having something like that in a large public aquarium, but if there target market is hobbyists, I don't believe it will work so well for them. Maybe my senior engineering design project will be a roomba type of device for aquariums?
  9. One light, the controller and gooseneck sold. Still have one light and gooseneck available. Will do $250 picked up.
  10. I have 2 Kessil A360w's with goosenecks and the spectrum controller that I wanted to offer up to the group before putting it for sale on reef2reef. I got them used with a recent tank purchase and wanted to sell them because I already have lights, they were purchased new around 18 months ago and were never used at a high intensity. (previous owner had them on a softie tank) I would like to try to sell them together but will end up splitting up if they do not sell. Looking to get $600 for everything. Thanks,
  11. Yeah! I graduate in 2019 and figured it would be a great gift to myself and the woman!
  12. I found an article for this place last year and reserved it for a couple days in 2019!

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