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  1. I use instant ocean reef crystals and have no issues with it. If you do switch salts do it slowly.
  2. I keep sps in a 34. It's possible just harder. Things go wrong a lot faster
  3. Nice rank!!! Are you doing a reef or fowlr?
  4. Yeah Muttley is right. I noticed that all sps do not do well with alk swings. Test it. I use kalawasser in my ato. It is a really cheap n easy way to keep it stable.
  5. That is awsome. My arms get so worn out with some of the tests
  6. jessica

    2016 Meetings

    Yay!!! Im still trying to work out something with some of the lfs I will let you know. Do weekends or weekdays work best for you?
  7. I got lucky n just got a few here n there I was able to pick them out by hand.
  8. I started with dryrock but added cheato. It came with mini brittle stars and 2 different types of snails that reproduce in my system. I have not had to buy clean up crew in over 6 months. If you can get them collinsta and Stomatella are amazing.
  9. I like the video;] nice corals
  10. Yeah good idea mine sit right in front of the vortech. If I move it they follow lol
  11. jessica

    Starfish ID

    Not necessarily I got mine in chaeto but put some in your display. They do a great job eating extra food n keeping your rocks clean. If you want a ton of them target feed the little legs with coral food.
  12. I want one really bad. I can't set up a tank big enough on my house for it
  13. jessica

    Starfish ID

    They are micro brittle stars. I have the same ones in my tank. They live in your rocks and breed like crazy!!! Very good to have. Nice free clean up crew
  14. Woak it looks like a spa! You want to do mine next?
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