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  1. $200 for one or $380 for the pair
  2. Pickup in Norwalk or will ship
  3. I have two octopulse 4 wave makers for sale. I used them for 10 days during the cycle before deciding on MP40’s. They are great pumps but I couldn’t keep sand in place. I would recommend bare bottom with these. Pickup in Norwalk or will ship $400 for the pair. That’s 30% new price.
  4. Forced to upgrade if they wanted the trident? Or for other options?
  5. How much will the Trident cost?No firm pricing will be released at this time, but we are committed to bring this to market between $500 and $600. and then $20 a month in reagents
  6. Organized cords, calibrated probes, cleaned glass, installed MP40’s. Tripped over a 5 gallon bucket of water, cleaned up 5 gallons of water.
  7. My dad had freshwater tanks as far back as I can remember. We had a great time traveling around to all the LFS.
  8. I need a cover on the outlet, besides that it’s actually getting better looking down there. I know, hard to believe it looked worse!
  9. I didn’t realize the barrel pictures posted. I’ll explain. I want to do AWC but couldn’t leave a 30 gallon blue barrel sitting in the dining room. So I ordered a wine barrel. If all fits correctly the blue barre will fit in the wine barrel. But the wine barrel serves two purposes. Decoration and flood control. I plan to flex Sea the bottom half and install leak detectors. If the float switch on the mixing tank malfunctions the wine barrel will hold the overflow until a sensor shuts the solenoid.
  10. Hi everybody! My name is Brett and I was the lucky winner of the BRS/WWC Dreamtank giveaway. I am two moths into this build and wanted to share the experience with everyone. If I could change anything to this point I only wish my family and I were all watching along live the night of the giveaway. Truth be told I signed up the evening before and was unaware of the big event the next day. So when Ryan and the crew called they were on speaker phone and was certain it was a radio station. I was intrigued enough to stay on the line but it wasn’t until after a google search that I realized what I had actually won. I have had Reef tanks from little to big over the past 14 years but nothing ever like this. I have always been frugal on my hobby spending in the past so I am very grateful for the equipment included in this giveaway. The entire crew at BRS have been a pleasure to deal with. I’ve talked with the guys at WWC and cannot wait to see what comes in the coral shipments! The last pic pic here is the most recent fts. I’ve since added a few fish that I will get pics of when the lights come on later. I guess I’m kinda following the BRS/WWC 4 month cycle. I started adding fish at 8 weeks which is sooner than they recommend. I’ve seeded the tank with coralline and hope to see that take off in the coming months. I don’t foresee making the call to WWC prior to 4 months though. As of now the equipment includes 6 Radion xr15 pro 4 vortech mp40 regal 250int skimmer varios 8 return pump 2 Jager 300 watt heaters brs carbon reactor filter cups with floss apex with wxm module I plan to utilize the tunze osmolator with solenoid valve to connect ro/di directly to the sump. I’ll be using the DOS for automatic water changes. Since I am planning heavy sps I’ll use the vertex calcium reactor. I planned on running a refugium and using the kessil h380 but I have concerns if it being to intense since it’s only on/off and no intensity control. Once that’s all setup and stable I’ll be ready to think about corals! Please share are any thoughts or ideas you have!
  11. I will be! That’ll be three month mark for me and I’ll be looking for some test corals.
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