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  1. This tank has already sold
  2. Dang this is the exact size I am looking to buy in a couple months. I would snag this one if it wasn’t for the fact I am determined to go with a Ghost overflow.
  3. I am going to look at an acrylic tank tonight. Of course being lighter is nice, but according to google it is much stronger than glass. Anyone have buffing experience with these? How will I know if it is able to be buffed out?
  4. I have always use glass for that same reason. I just had a nice acrylic Tank pop up on one of my sale forums that got me contemplating this question
  5. Glad I found this thread. I am considering one on my build. A lot of useful info. For someone like myself who has never tried one
  6. I believe it was like $175 . The name had Thunder in it. I’m tempted to call them and ask just so I know for future reference.
  7. Exactly. @Jon Fishman The bigger water volume the better. if it’s a 6-8 foot stand it will be all water under there. I’m limited to to what’s under the tank for sump. People who can plumb to the basement or even better a fish room are so lucky. I have actually been considering building the stand a little oversized to get more space. I’m putting what will most likely be a 6 foot tank on an 8 foot wall so considering maybe a 7 or 8 foot stand. Side note: I wonder if many in this forum have done much fabrication of their own steel stands. I am going that route as well to give a littl
  8. Stopped by Aquarium Adventure while in Columbus for NCAA tournament this weekend and saw this guy. Wish I could remember the name, but I was blown away. Might have to go on my wishlist for my upcoming build.
  9. Thanks guys. @euphylin me that’s a good point about water changes since I have always had 120 and below I have never considered them optional. I will definitely need to research that more. @Muttley000 I am a mixed reefer and yes tangs are a must have. I always think of monthly cost as salt, rodi replacement, dosing, etc. The one I neglect to think of is the electricity. Interesting to see the difference. Thanks again
  10. Ok guys, I have a question for the gallery. First here is the back story. It has been almost two years to the day that I had to breakdown my 120. I have waited long enough. Since I have gotten the ball rolling by starting funding I guess it is time to make a few decisions. For starters, every tank I have owned has been a deal from someone getting out of the hobby, therefore they were never really my brainchild. Granted you can make some changes once setup but not all. I plan to piece this build together how I would like from the beginning. The first question is size. I have always imagin
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