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  1. How do you figure out how much to use on your tank? Sent from my SD4930UR using Tapatalk
  2. Can you use it with fish in the tank? Sent from my SD4930UR using Tapatalk
  3. I was told be a friend who has a big coral tank to shoot for 1.021-1.024 I don't know why that's just what he said. Sent from my SD4930UR using Tapatalk
  4. Where do you get Flucon Sent from my SD4930UR using Tapatalk
  5. it litlerly has been a year of this for me , this fish dont seem to mind but i really i got into it to try the coral . did you build the ATS your self?
  6. Sorry it has been awhile with the updated numbers , I have been pretty busy at work . Since the last time i updated the numbers (Feb 28) I have been taking extra time to make sure that i am doing the testing correctly and the numbers seem to be more consistent . so here they are . i still have know ideal of why my tank does nothing but grow unbelievable amount of algae . i will attach a few pic of the tank and of the skimmer all these pics are about 4 to 6 days after i clean the tank and skimmer . by cleaning the tank i generally mean that i use a glass cleaner (MAGNATIC) on the sides and i take a brush to all the rocks while they are in the tank and clean as much of the algae off that i can .If you would like a complete list of everything in the tank i can get you that if you think that would help . i really find the whole thing very frustrating , i have bascilly doe the same thing for over a year on about a weekly or bi weekly bisas. if you think i should start a new thread some where else on the site let me know any help would be appericated thanks mike
  7. yes i use a 4 stage RODI , i store my water in a 30 gallon trash can . I was thinking about the dosing because after a year and a half of looking at nothing but rock and a few fish and a lot of algae i would try and add some coral so i was thinking that dosing would give me my best shot at success .
  8. i think i am going to try and retest over the next 3 days and be extra careful on doing the testing and see if i get the same results. Some of the problem is probably me being in a rush when i do the test, But my tank really is just an algae growing machine and i have no ideal why .
  9. I have about 60 pounds of live rock . I run a sump with a reef octopus proton skimmer and some rock in the sump.i have led lighting (on a trimer , they are on about 7 hours a day) and i have had about 5 fish in it for about 9 months 3 small blue damsils and 2 clown fish . i feed them dry food.
  10. Hello I bought a new API test kit for PH, Ammonia , Nitrite and nitrate i use a old Salifert kit that came with the tank for Calcium i actually dont like it very well but i didnt buy a new one for it yet.
  11. my tank is a 75 gallon with a 20 gallon sump , my tank has been up and running since April of 2015 is it possible that it is still cycling after almost a year and a half? and i i just use a hydrometer to test my specific gravity .
  12. Hello sorry for the delays , I end up going out and buying a new test kit and i have been busy at work My tank has been up and running since Aug of 2015 and to be honest is really just a algee growing tank so frustrating , but anyways here are my testing results for about the last week and a half , any help or suggestions would be appreciated thanks mike DATE WATER CHANGE % TEMP SPECFIC GRAVITY PH AMMONIA NITRATE NITRITE PHOSPHATE CALCIUM MAGNESIUM RO/DI TDS 4-Feb 79 1.032 8 0 0 160 0 500 5-Feb 60 79 199/001 11-Feb 79 1.022 7.8 0.25 0 0 0 500 15-Feb 79 1.021 8 0.25 0 40 0 400 17-Feb 79 1.021 8 0.25 0 40 0 400 18-Feb 80 1.022 8 0.5 0 80 0 400 23-Feb 79 1.021 8.2 0.25 0 80 0 500
  13. Thanks for the advice I will post some pics here in the next couple of days Sent from my SD4930UR using Tapatalk
  14. Thanks I will post some pics here in the next couple of days Sent from my SD4930UR using Tapatalk
  15. Thanks Sent from my SD4930UR using Tapatalk

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