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  1. Where are you located? Sent from my Pixel 4 using Tapatalk
  2. Gen 1 (Silver) 4 Bulb ATI with Three LED Pucks and hang kit. Unit has been in storage for a year. It does have salt damage on the reflector. Priced accordingly. Unit is can be dimmed for T5s and complete dusk dawn. Programmed from computer or through module. $400
  3. Neptune Apex Classic with Display, Controller, EB8, Temp Probe and NetGear Wifi (shown hard connected). The other probes need to be replaced as they are past their life cycle. I have taken a pic of each module with the GREEN status light for connectivity. I have an additional EB8 and Breakout Box that can be bought separately at a discount. Asking $220. The apex is currently tied to Fusion and programmed. I can transfer ownership through Fusion and leave programmed or I can reset the Fusion Token and perform factory reset. Located in Cincinnati.
  4. Two Vertex Reactors used for carbon and gfo but can be used for other options. Hard plumbed together, I have all sponges and barbs should different plumbing be required for your set up. All of my equipment that is sold has been on a quarterly maintenance program with off line vinegar baths. Asking $100 for pair. Located in Northern Cincinnati.
  5. I have a pair of lightly used 6105s that would be a great addition to a 100+ tank. I no longer have the tank and the power heads have not been used in a year. They are in perfect condition. I have them priced at 50% of retail, which is usually the going standard. I have included the apex adapter at no cost. $250 sold as a pair. Located in Northern Cincinnati, will ship.
  6. I have a custom Synergy 48" Stealth Sump that I no longer use. It is configured for a bean animal overflow set up, has probe holders, two 4" socks and adjustable sump depth. The sump is designed to have LED lighting permanently inside the sump as pictured. The power cord got wet and the leds will need to be replaced. Sump is in perfect condition, no scratches in acrylic. PM if you want additional pics sent directly. I have the matching 10 gallon Top Off Tank that I'll post at a later time but will offer to purchaser to Sump. Asking $250 and can assist in delivery with a deposi
  7. How old if the chiller and when was it used last?
  8. I expanded the overflows on a 180 peninsula and added a closed loop circulation using normal hole saw. Heat was not an issue, but I did have to purchase a pilot bit that enabled me to run two hole saws at the same time. The inner was the same as existing hole, the outer was new hole for increased flow. Just my two cents, the acrylic was 3/4", I just went slowly and would stop every minute just to be safe. It isn't that difficult if you plan and take your time.
  9. Looking for high end sps both oldies and new. Specially looking for Reef Raft Red Bull, Diablo, Wolverine. RMF Diablo Milli, Pro Corals Superman Table. Jose Rainbow and Somewhere over the rainbow Milli. Rhanks! Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  10. Just moving back to Ohio, getting refocused on my reefing. I consider myself an advanced reefer although I continue to be humbled by my system and costly errors. Currently running a 75 Miracles Rimless, mixed tank, with external overflow. 2016 Apex with base modules and ATK. I will be restocking my high end sps... mostly Reef Raft type. I am currently playing around with a hybrid set up of two Kessil a360s and a 250w reef brite hybrid, running a 20k radium... I have never been able to replicate the success and joy I had with my 34g solana with 150w Phoenix and 4 24w t5s... I'm
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