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  1. Jesse, I haven’t posted anything more on here because I reached out to the guys and have discussed everything with them already.
  2. Yes please get ahold of me. Labosaquatics@yahoo.com
  3. labosaquatics


    Yep I have a couple left. They are insane croceas. I deliver to the Toledo area too.
  4. If youre still looking for some let me know. i have a bunch and i can ship to you for $15
  5. What kind of torches are you looking for? I've got some good green and i'm getting in some orange tomorrow
  6. I can get you bubble and fox. I can even bring it to toledo
  7. if anyone would like me to have any specific species in stock please let me know.
  8. I'll have a table there!!!
  9. Jackknife fish!!! Very different looking fish.
  10. Im actually one hour west of bg. if you take state route 6 you will only have to turn twice to get to my place. (Im one mile of of 6)
  11. no they stay pretty small. most of the ones i've seen are pretty clear but there are some that have amazing colors
  12. anna there is always a possibility of a mantis shrimp with the rock i have but i've gotten probably around 2 tons of this rock and have only ever seen two mantis shrimp. i inspect each rock and if the two times i've found a mantis i was fortunate to catch them. other than that the only bad stuff i've seen come on the rocks is the occasional aptasia. the holding tank i have this rock in has a ton of peppermint shrimp so the aptasia doesn't last long lol. im not to far from BG if you ever want to come check them out.
  13. this is the type of live rock i normally have available. pretty low on stock right now but should have more in soon if you are interested
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