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    180 reef,40 reef,100gallon frag table ,29 nem tank,14 bio (reef) soon 250 with 150 sump fish only

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  1. Brand new, never fired Glock 45 three clips, 50 rounds asking 525.00
  2. Well for the last couple years I’ve had a maroon clown in my 100 rimless along with 12-13 anemones I desided to move the clown and add a haram of 10 ocellaris clownfish today, purchased from a clownfish breeder in FL all from the same clutch I’ll update pictures as soon as I get them comfortable
  3. Yea you should be fine, if you run outta change I can always loan shark you some lol
  4. @crimsonvice I always bring plenty of change( bills) you may want to add a heat pack in your carry cooler, and extra water if your running a frag tank
  5. I’m sure I can find one, I’ve already made everything for my np-40s
  6. @Biecacka I can build you one let me find the right file
  7. Look on Reeftrader for the Dayton swap a guys got a bunch on there
  8. Harleybronco


    I’ve got Cleveland sunburst, acid rain, black widows
  9. @Sevitz5I’ve got a aiptasia wand if you would like to borrow it
  10. I bought my old 180 reef tank 5-6 years ago at a auction for 45$, complete with reef octopus skimmer, acrylic sump, reef keeper, tunze power heads and metal halide ,there out there just got to find them lol
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