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  1. corals are moving fast but still have lots of good stuff... come take a look! with me in the middle of moving i do not have a lot of time to take photos and keep updating lists... first come first served, i will not hold corals unless you are committed and on your way out ( for those who have a bit of a drive )
  2. Located in west Toledo near Reynolds and Dorr Moving to denver for a few years must get rid of all living things... No prices have been set. i am accepting any reasonable offer for individual corals/fish or for everything. if interested i will be home all week come by and check it out... text 814 566 5416 and ill send you my address
  3. this is the last week it will be for sale before i move to denver
  4. this is the last week it will be for sale before i move to denver
  5. this is the last week it will be for sale before i move to denver
  6. used for a few years, in great condition no stand text if interested 814 566 5416
  7. located in west toledo text if interested 814 566 5416
  8. used $100 located in west toledo no stand sorry no pic text if interested 814 566 5416
  9. now that i have made my new sump i will no longer be needing my 7 x 16 filtersocks i have 8 slightly used $5 each or $35 for all 8 i have 5 new $7 each or $30 for all 5 $60 will get you all 13 They are all BRS 7” x 16”
  10. i would recommend one that they sell at home depot... if you look at my tanks build thread you will see a pic of the one i use... the saw that i use is a dewalt 6.5" blade so i had to use the 4" blade they had available... if your saw is big enough they do also make a 7" saw blade as for peeping it good luck! all i used was a strait edge and some rubber clamps... once you are done with the tank the blade will be junk and i highly recommend pitching it the first tank i did i cut it apart before i cut the glass.... worked great but i had to reassemble it the second tank i attempted to cut it by my self without taking the tank apart and failed big time.... this time i took the top rim off cut the font off first, then the back side, followed by both edges... i strongly suggest you have help doing a 125 they are a lot heavier and there is a lot more room to crack the glass! Good luck!
  11. Now before anyone says that 2 m1 vectras if to much flow or overkill let me say this... at 4-5 feet head pressure they max out at 1600 GPH. i am going to alternate the current one m1 to each side of the tank so there will only be a max of 1300 to a 125 gallon tank witch is a turnover rate of 10x
  12. i will also be using my regal 200-sss and 2 ecotech m1 vectras
  13. not sure... prolly when i get back at the end of the year... we will see though we are still planning on moving so i might just wait till then to get it
  14. if you look closely in my picks you can see how some edges look better than others, it because the blade was wearing down and i should have thrown it out and got a new one
  15. a diamond blade.... any will do as long as it is continuos without any pucks... also they are only good for a few passes
  16. thank you a lot of thought went into building this sump.... its true purpose actually is to prepare for a bigger tank... 300DD maybe
  17. the solenoid 2 float switches and Ro style float switch pared to the apex will work exactly like the tunze osmolater
  18. I will also be adding this electric solenoid to my ro and my Neptune Apex for a container less auto top off
  19. i Have been working on a new sump for the tank You can check it out here
  20. There you have it my new sump!
  21. And last but not least the background
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