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  1. Haven’t you learned. I pick everything out. He just maintains the tank.
  2. Half my photos either have a dog in them with the babies or I have to crop them out. They are a little attached.
  3. You need to wash your mower... filthy.
  4. I feel your wife's pain. I am Jesse's wife. He is always on his phone or laptop. Sometimes it drives me nuts, but I agree with Levi, it could be other things so I accept it. I encourage your wife to join. I know nothing about the hobby. Read posts here and there, but rarely post myself. Seems to be a pretty awesome group of people here. We have met people that will be lifelong friends through this group.
  5. I agree with 2 or 3. I love the colors. I personally like the black a lot more than the white shirts previously made.
  6. Wedding in June, a few camping trips, summer is my busy time at work and a trip to Florida the first week in September.
  7. My brother's mastiff was bitten by a brown recluse end of July. It was a very scary couple weeks for them. He was able to make a full recovery. We always have Joe spray our house for spiders. We have two dogs, saltwater tank and a cat, and never had any issues or spiders. This year with so much going on we never found time to have Joe up to spray. BIG MISTAKE!!! We have a ton of spider. Needless to say we will be treating our house at least once a year from now on.

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