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  1. As you stated Jesse you did take care of that situation with the vendor an like I said they blamed you for the mix up, an before this situation I have never met you, or even could recognize you by site but I applauded you for jumping to fix the situation an as I stated above you did fix it, an I now have a good respect for you. An I dont blame anyone for the ticket issue I just had my cooler full an my hands full so I sat them down to get my wallet an pay the vendor I didnt expect that in 30 seconds someone would grab them, but I am glad he got called out, an I know who it was. I know now not to sit them down lesson learned, when I first talked to labos I also mentioned ammonia an the dirty water an was informed is was poisoned, an that he has a insurance claim, I just hate that I spent what I did in tickets to win his raffle only to deal with this mess. But aside of this mess it was a wonderful show with vendors having some pretty good deals .
  2. It all started from the perrysburg frag show, I went an saw labos booth an was more than excited to see that for the past years I've waited to get stuff from him at the show because how far his store is away from me, upon arriving at his booth there was a couple of younger guys an not Dustin, I looked at what the had an asked if I went ahead an paid for a few fish could they hold it till the end an was told yes, so I picked out the fastest an biggest mandrin you could get there, an was told by the guys that it would be in a bag floating in the tank with my name on it at the end of the show I asked about a few other fish that I wanted an was told they were sold which was strange because it was at the start of the show an I made sure to b line it over there, I walked around an bought several raffle tickets for vendors, 6 sheets of tickets to be exactly, as I was going thru I stopped to make sure that I had loaded labos container up to win a fish, an walked around loading other containers of intrest, while at one table I sat down my large cooler for frags an sat my tickets on the table so I could buy a hand full of corals from the vendor I looked down an the one an a half sheet of ticket was gone, I looked around never to see them, so ai went to the stage asked the young lady there what to do she asked my numbers I told her an even showed her the containers where I was the only one to put tickets in, an had a vender to check an make sure my number was right, I only could tell from my partially ticket what the numbers were that I remember then comes the end of the show drawings just like I figured the person who's stole my tickets spoke up to get a prize an the lady calling them out called him out, an the gentleman was won several upon several other prizes, said okay an backed away, I collected my prize which happen to be coral from one of the vendors there, so I went to the vendor showed him my certificate I won an was looking to collect some more coral, the vendor then went on to tell me it was Jesse fault an the show messed up an so on that I could go online an Pay shipping, show I let Jesse know, Jesse offered me 25 cash because of the issue to make it right, once that was over I preceded to make my way to collect my fish an my winning which was 50.00 from Labos, table I looked an all the bigger fish were in bags an the clown were still in the tank an the tank water was a weird foggy brown color with a anthias laying on his side, an the fish looking bad however the fish in the bags didn't look that bad but I couldn't really tell because of how many floating around so I picked a powder brown tang, an collected my mandrin the guy pulled it out of a bucket in the back which wasn't even the one I picked out it was a small one, but I figured a mandrin none the less an because I already paid for one, then they kids told me I should have waited to buy one because they dropped the price on them. Which also was strange.,From their I made it to my home started to acclimate my new fish one for one tank one for the other an like many of us up here I have multiple tanks lol My mandrin adapted nicely, my powder brown however when I pulled it out of the bag it there was a strange smell an it had grey spots all over I was hoping my good clean water would have helped it, next morning dead, so I while waiting to days for labos to open. I was checking on one of my favorite web sites (Buckeye reef club) I saw an article on labos of people getting clown fish from there an fish an they were dying like mine. So when It became time to call labos I spoke to what I assume was his wife, informed his wife that I didn't like they kids there telling my wrong information on where they put my mandrin an the price issue an the factor of the fish an the factor it wasn't the one I picked out, or the factor of the fish I asked to buy in the start of the show were for sale an not sold till the end so they lied about that an I told them what happen with my fish the powder brown tang an was told they didnt know what happen an grey spots were from over stressed, an it shouldn't be like that, I also informed them other people where having fish die, an to ready the article on buckeye reef club to see what was going on. Even the dead anthias in the bottom of the tank. she infomed me that that didnt happen The young lady preceded to let me know she would have dustin call me back well, that never happened so I called back to speak with him he apologized an said he would make up for it an would meet me anywhere, because I told him how far away he was from me which seem to be a nice guy. He them preceded to tell me how at the show someone poisoned his tank to sabotage him an his business, I get it, it happens I told him of the dead anthias an what the young lady told me about it an I also mentioned to him that they that it was even posted on buckeye about it, because someone else mentioned that factor an informed him everything I told her about he even went to apologize for not calling me back an how sick he was over the whole situation an his shop tanks were affected. I felt bad for guy because I know he always had good stuff at other shows, so a few days after that I spoke with the young lady an asked if they could get me a small small young pair of aptasia file fish,Male an female she told me that she would check with dustin an have him call me back, never heard anything then about two weeks later I get a call from a strange number it was from labos telling me my fish were in. I was thrown back because he was supposed to call me before they ordered them but being I nice guy an knowing that a sale might help him if only a little bit I told him I'd have to call him back later with my card number because not only was working on a room , but also handling calls about my grandmother being on the death bed, I called him back asked him the size to make sure they were they small ones I wanted he let me know they were about two inches which was what I wanted, I had to check back to see where my package was because they sent no email, text or call with the tracking number so I had to get them to track it which was a pain because it was less that a hour before I had to go to work finally it arrived, I called my boss an explained it to him hes a cool guy an told me to come in when ever I get done, I opened to box ready to see my new guys. The horror started the heat pack was ontop of one of bags an that fish was dead the other fish was 4 to 5 inches which was not what I was told or even what I asked for, an the factor that I paid shipping an for the fish in full when he owed me a credit form the show an for my powder brown dying, which I did tell him to worry about later because of what he was going thru. So here I am when a dead fish an the wrong size fish so I call up to him again within minutes of opening the box even asked him if he wanted me to send pictures he said no well I did it any way that way he knew 100 percent I wasn't lying about it, he said he would make it up to me an send me another one but I would have to paying shipping again I told him to refund me. Well he did for one fish, an now here I am almost 2 weeks of not being able to the the big file fish to eat which is why I didnt want a big one, well with in the two week period my grandmother did pass away an woke up in a bad mood from that to find out the file fish has to. At the point of seeing red.I am taking a couple of days to take it easy an clear my head from all of this. It seems, damn being nice to people.
  3. I still have a few yes what all are you looking for
  4. I'm looking for large leathers, toadstools, ducans hammers colonies.
  5. I have several frags of the RR pink Diamond frags, singles an most have 3 polyps or more. I'm looking to trade for Soft corals Leathers,Toadstools,mushrooms finger leathers, Red plating sponge, Aussi ducans, lepto,cyphastera, mainly soft corals, possibly skimmer or media reactors. Will entertain offers
  6. Sent PM haven't heard anything back Interested in soft corals an the nems
  7. Same here I may be Interested in a frag
  8. I have 16 pounds of live rock, asking Candy cane coral about 14 heads total, Xlarge rock covered with neon gsp an about 15 to 20 mushrooms, 2 Medium rocks covered with gsp, I large rock with about 5 plus mushrooms. Total mushrooms on rocks are between 15 to 40 Asking 150.00 for everything.
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