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  1. I am still struggling with taking accurate photos. I had an easier time under leds. Without the polyp labs filter it looks terrible. With it some stuff looks over saturated. I've never really gotten good at taking pics my dslr. I've taken about 1000 over the last couple of days. A couple even came out decent. There will be alot more pics to come as I improve.
  2. wspangler01

    Dyno Algae

    I have not used this to treat dino. I used it on bubble algea. It took care of what I could see in about 3 weeks. I stopped treatment. About 9 months later I had some pop back up on same rock. I think I just didnt dose long enough.
  3. The sinks in. The room is a huge mess. I'll work on doors or a removable front panel in the near future. I sill need to do something with the outlet. I havent had anyone over yet to help with that. It's a two hole sink. I used a single hole faucet and put a bulkhead and fitting as a placeholder for now. I'll add a tap for rodi water in the future. The faucet itself was pretty cheap($63) on amazon. It has built in leds. My wife wants it in the kitchen and the kids want it in their bathroom. I moved my mermaid lamp back in the fishroom. I feel its becoming a fish room now instead of a room with a fish tank
  4. The frag leaked during testing. And again on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th test. The 1in bulkheads in the overflow box are very thin. I did not want to overtighten them. I I changed out the ball valve on my brute and failed its first leak test too After several towels and several days everything has been running leak free I need to take my apex off my display and replace it with an apex lite I have. I need the vdm ports to run lights for the frag tank. My display itself it doing well. My nutrients are really starting to drop. I think all that extra rock is doing its job or the coral using it up faster than I'm putting it in. I skim incredibly dry. Not really skimming much at all. Probably 1/2" total since set up. My nitrates are 1ppm and po4 .04. This is lower than I'd shoot for, but am not one to chase either of these, unless they get really high. I'm feeding 1 cube a day and dry food maybe 3-4 times. If they drop any more I'm going to react.
  5. Set it and forget it! What bulb combo?
  6. I worked on my water change station and frag tank. Neither completed but both started. I going to have one of my friends come over and help with the plumbing and move the outlet for the water change station. I'm waiting on the plumbing from brs to finish the frag tank.
  7. Coraline algea is starting to take off on the new rock. Some other top downs. Top down veiwing was an absolute must on this tank. I'll get better with my pictures. I've have a decent camera I've never really gotten the hang of.
  8. Has anyone found these for sale anywhere? I can not.
  9. My votes on the purple. I would add all 3 at the same time
  10. Nice start. It's going to be an awesome build. Ventrelis are one of my favorite fish too.
  11. The tank is doing really well so far. I added the Orphek 02 strip. I traded some coral with one of my buddy's. I finally got an OG bounce back! I had one years ago but sold it off all my high end corals. It's pretty cool too bc he got it from someone who bought a frag from me. I also got a frag of his Walt Disney, ECC hybrid watermelon, and some something else he wasnt sure of what it was. I have some other stuff lined up. I'm going to wait a couple more weeks before adding any more coral and probably a couple months before any more fish.
  12. Thank you. The stock tank is all tore down now.

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