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  1. Some coral shots. I still never really figured out how the white balance in my dslr and thats whats holding me back on better pics. My note 8 is doing pretty good fod now.
  2. I keep forgetting to update this build. Everything has continued to do really well. Im constantly buying, selling and trading. The tank has really fill out.
  3. Its a favia. Cherry corals meltdown
  4. its always hard choosing a favorite coral, but this is probably it right now. I ordered it from ARC in buffalo NY. Shipping made me nervous so the only reasonable( not reasonable) thing to do was to drive out there and pick it up myself. FF dazbog bowerbanki.
  5. Thank you. A bunch of changes since the last update. I switched out my frag tank with a nuvo 30L. A slightly smaller footprint but now my stands match. Sooo probably something completely unnecessary. I really do like the IM tanks. I plan on getting a 25 in the next few months for a LPS tank in my bedroom. I had added quite a few peices to my collection. My goal is to add 1 new peice a week on average.
  6. I havent updated in a few months. The display is doing really well. Everything continues to grow. Some of my sps that were doing much before have started to take off and I'm getting some good colors across the board. One of my friends broke down his tank while hes moving so now my frag tank is pretty full and more like a 2nd display I'm going to turn the nem biocube into more of a mixed reef. I'll add some mushrooms and other softies
  7. I've had this guy for over 6 years. Just noticed the purple coming in last night.
  8. The display is doing well. My alk and calcium consumption is steadily increasing. The frag tank is running. I have a few peices in it. But not confident enough to move everything over yet. I still need to work on the water change station, but have been pretty lazy.
  9. I've spent time each day over the last week or so taking pics of my tank and everything else. It started as wanting to just take better pics of my tank, but right now it's my least favorite thing to photograph( I'd say landscape photos have been my favorite). So I guess im about to dive into another not soo cheap hobby. I did manage to take a couple pics I think turned out pretty well( to be honest though other get just as good pics with their cell phones)
  10. I put up this decal(wall sticker?) and a runner between the tanks. I ordered the hanging kits for my leds for the frag tank on 6-23 with 2 day shipping. I recieved them yesterday and was missing one of the peices needed. So I'm sure itll be at least another week or so until they are up. As far as my display goes almost everything is doing well. My jellybean chalice is on it's way out and I dont think ill be able to save it. I'm almost certain it's bacterial infection, but I'm losing the battle with it. Btw the tropic marin directions use a fortnight a as time measurement and I think is
  11. I am still struggling with taking accurate photos. I had an easier time under leds. Without the polyp labs filter it looks terrible. With it some stuff looks over saturated. I've never really gotten good at taking pics my dslr. I've taken about 1000 over the last couple of days. A couple even came out decent. There will be alot more pics to come as I improve.
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