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  1. I've had mine running for about two months. I can't say if it leached aluminum bc it has not been tested. I've never tested for aluminum before. I didn't notice any negative when I put it in the sump. No corals closed up or anything. I can't say I've really noticed anything positive yet either. It hasn't made any sort of noticeable different in my nitrates.
  2. I've had the Achilles for over 2 weeks now. No signs of illness and gets along with all other fish now. It's starting to pick at the clip and mesh bag I made(thanks for whoever posted their diy), but not like the other tangs. It does go crazy for frozen. I cut the frozen feedings back to twice a day bc of rising nitrates.
  3. I run a BB. I kept the bottom spotless by scraping it the first few months. It looked nice, but got old. More maintenance than I wanted to do. The dual gyres keep anything from settling. There is no maintenance now. I syphon out astrea stars during water changes, but thats it. Everything stays suspended and makes it into the sock. My plan on this tank was to let encrusting coral cover the bottom. I don't know if I'll ever run sand agsin.
  4. Maybe I should start moving any coral Im selling in front of it for a nice background. Trumpets still available. Everything else sold.
  5. Achilles is doing well. He's been in the tank for eight days now.
  6. Sorry for you loss. Keep us informed if you figure out what caused it.
  7. Let us know what you think. My rating of the stores it's just my opinion. Everyone of the stores is someone's favorite.
  8. And some other cell pics
  9. Tank has been running pretty stable again for the last few months. I added an Achilles tang a few days ago. When I first got in the hobby I seen one and it was instantly my favorite. They seem to be one of the hardiest if not the hardiest tang to keep alive in the hobby. One of the LFS has had this guy since January. I figure it's finally my time to give it a try. He took to Larry's fish frenzy within hours of introduction to the tank. My purple tang has been a bully, but it seems to get better by the day. The first day he stayed to one side of the tank. The fish has been out and active eating multiple time a day.
  10. Nice. I'm gonna have to make one.
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