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Found 31 results

  1. Hello all! I would greatly appreciate it if you would check out RRA's new website. If you sign up for an account, select Buckeye Reef Member for 15 percent off! We would love to have you and hope you stop by and check us out. We ship as well! Don't forget your copepods and dry goods as well! www.responsiblereefaquaculture.com
  2. Frags Frags Frags! Green Pavona- $15 Lady Vamp Zoas- $5/Polyp Spider Fake Zoas- $10/Polyp Frogspawn- $25 Teal Candy Canes-$15/head Neon Green Ricordia Florida- $25 Neon Blue/Teal Ricordia Florida- $30 Neon Torch- $50 Bubble Gum Digi- $10 Much more but my phone is a potato so pictures just look blue.
  3. I purchased this from Cultivated Reef in Maine a little over 7 months ago. I have it in my 20 gallon nano, and it has outgrown the space very rapidly. It is now around 8" tall and 7" wide when fully open. I count 9+ frags at 2"s or larger, not including the main stalk on this thing. I have no interest in fragging this thing as I'm just not confident in doing so. Hoping to find a new home for it. I'm sure someone could get $300+ fragged. I'm looking to sell it for $125. I'm located in the Cincinnati area.
  4. These are gonna be hitting the Don't Break the Chain here very soon, so keep your eyes out. Zoa frags and some SPS. Make sure you are a supporter of the forum to enjoy these free frags! Here are some teasers.
  5. This one goes out to all the members of Buckeye Reef. Since we have instituted the affiliate program with Marine Depot we have received a percentage of our orders back from Marine Depot. To do this you place your order using the link here. Generally, this program is used to generate business for Marine Depot and a commission is paid to those who join the program and advertise using the links they provide. However, in this case since we are using the advertising links on BR, it is only fair that any commission gained goes back to the club. With that in mind, with the link provided we have generated over $5k in sales and have received just under $500 in commission. Last payout we were able to purchase coral from WWC and Live Aquaria to add to the DBTC. This payout we have $240 to spend on club items. My question to you is how would you like to use this money? Some have suggested adding a Majano wand mini to the club tools list. Maybe more coral to add to the DBTC list. Are there any other suggestions? Please vote here and post any other suggestions. Keep in mind, to take part in using the club tools or the Don't Break the Chain coral you have to be a supporting member of the forum. It is a $20 a year fee, but that helps keep the forum up and running as well as provide you access to these wonderful benefits. You can become a supporting member here. Here is a video of the Majano wand in action: The highlighted section of the wand is approximately 6 feet long.
  6. crimsonvice

    SPS article

    Interesting article on ReefBuilders.com You’ve Never Seen Acropora Like This Before JAKE ADAMS17 HOURS AGO21 21SHA We’ve collectively spent decades, centuries and millenia looking at our beloved SPS corals, but there’s only so much you can see in an aquarium setting with live corals. Sometimes you have to take a very specific approach to see what’s inside our corals, which is precisely what researchers in Australia have done to this Acropora branch. With synchronized spawning popping off in a big way in Oz right now, there’s a lot of busy bodies at the Australian SeaSIM, perhaps the biggest and most complex ‘coral aquarium’ in the world. One of the things that researchers want to see is how ready the corals are to spawn, and what indicators they can spot that spawning is imminent, as well as the fertility of various corals. By placing whole coral branches in a light acid, the skeleton can be dissolved – decalcified – leaving just the remaining tissue. At this point the soft coral tissue can be fixed in an epoxy so that it can be cut into cross sections revealing a whole network of connected polyps, and a level of organization, unlike anything we can see in a live coral. Perhaps the more you’ve looked at Acros from the outside, the more alien this view of the coral might be. Allw e can see of our precious corals in an aquarium environment is just the first few millimeters and the radial and axial polyps that extend into the water column. But this dissected, decalcified corals shows us just how deep the coral lives within its skeleton. We tend to think of corals as having an endoskeleton, inside their tissues, but this is overly simplistic. In truth the skeleton is perforated all throughout with various tissues, mesenterial filaments, and a gastrovascular cavity intertwined in every nook and cranny of the skeleton that the coral secretes. So the next time you look at your corals, particularly the SPS, try to imagine just how much is going on deep inside that colonial animal. Because you might only be able to see a thin coenosteum covering the skeleton and some polyps periodically extended, but there’s a whole world of biology and activity happening just out of sight. [SeaSIM]
  7. Birdman

    Is this normal?

    Sorry but I can't recall what type of coral this is. I know crazy right? It started doing this yesterday? Water params are fine
  8. Looking to add new colors to my tank. Wondering which coral should I buy. Wanna get like a orange or blue. Or something funky colored. I have a lot of greens
  9. Hi all I just recently joined and wanted to share my newest creation with others. Please feel free to criticize. My aquarium is a 55 gallon with minimal mechanical filtration, two aquaclears. I am a huge fan of biological filtration and low bioloads, a religious zealot about it. I am not running a sump system, the 200? watt titanium heater is hidden in the rock work. The lighting system is a quad bulb fixture with 4 Ati T5 bulbs, all of which are different. As for water movement, I have a RW-8 on its way. Future plans: Moving some live rock from my other tanks to seed the tank. Stocking list: pair of clowns Fairy Wrasse Maybe a watchman or other goby to pair with my pistol shrimp barnacle blenny maybe a jawfish Here is a few pictures, I will update as much as I can. Enjoy! During Construction: As of today: Sorry, I am not responsible for neck injuries.
  10. Good morning to all! I hope everyone is recouped from Saturdays swap. And what an awesome swap it was! Thank you Jesse and to all that were involved in putting it together. Hard work does pay off.! To those who attended, thank you for stopping by to say hi and any purchases made. To those who couldn't attend, you missed a great swap, great vendors, awesome hosts and make sure you make it next year! Motor City Corals
  11. New to the site and recommend by a fellow member. .With that said, I have a complete saltwater setup for sale .. I am moving soon and do not want to transport it to my new home . . It is 120 gallon long, all livestock, corals,100 + pounds of live rock and sand go with it. . This tank is well established,no pest,algae or disease and looking to sell to someone who has the time to take care of it. . I have loads invested in it and asking $1500.. Here is a list of items for sale that go with it : Two Kessil A360W (almost 6 months old and never turned to full strength), gooseneck for lights ,120 gallon tank with very minimal scratches (nothing view blocking),stand for aquarium ,40 gallon acrylic sump with refugium ,caulerpa and Fiji mud, Coralife protein skimmer ( only thing I could find to fit the footprint of sump and stand but does well ) ,Aqua 25 watt UV sterilizer w/ extra bulb,return pump (not cheap kind, just forget the name), in sump heater ,2 Hydor wave makers ,Jebao wavemaker with controller , 4 stage ro/di system with 1 and 1/2 bags of DI resin and replacement cartridges, 2 two little fishies GFO & carbon reactors w/ extra GFO granulars and carbon,5 Clown Fish (3 orange and white, 1 black and white and other is maroon ),Lemon Peel Angel,Mandarin ,Bicolored Dotty Back, couple Blue Chromis,Cleaner and Peppermint Shrimp,2 Engineer Gobies, cleaning crew and maybe some others I can't remember. . Good bit of corals.. Some high end and some basic . Large pieces of JF Sunny Side Chalice (2 at the 6-8in range, couple smaller pieces as well), JF Evil Eye (golf ball size), 2 Galaxea (one green, one blueish,baseball size each), tons of mushrooms (red,green,blue, hairy) ,Richordea (3), 12 head torch, Myan Sunset Montipora ( I rescued it and it's starting to come back), small Acro (another rescue that's growing like crazy), small 2 headed frog spawn, one of the largest pink and green tube Anenomes (6-7 inch arms/tentacles) and probably some I forget. . Also, can have all chemicals remaining,refractor for salinity,cleaning and fragging stuff..Whatever I have basically comes with it. .I will not seperate items, it's bought as a package.. I will not deliver either. . This system is up and running until sold or forced to move it to my new home. . $1500 ,but,willing to negotiate some if purchased within the next 2 weeks . Serious buyers only. . I'm located in Lawrence County PA.. Thanks for taking a look and if interested please send a way to contact you please..
  12. http://www.marineandreef.com/Marineland_Reef_…/RML90621.htm… Brand new. Still sealed. $125 Swanton, Ohio
  13. Wow, I was looking for some information on Coral production and came across this. Might be an option for those who need to sell stuff asap. http://www.reefsystems.com/pages/Coral-Trading.html If this belongs in another forum just let me know @Jesse, I will gladly move it where it belongs. I am currently arranging a field trip here as well!
  14. Anyone in Lima, Findlay or Defiance area have some Xenia or Kenya tree I could get for a low price? Looking to add some easy corals for more diversity in my classroom tank. Also interested in other soft corals that are easy to keep.
  15. ISO 40 gallon breeder, Non-drilled, for a sump. 30 minutes from Toledo please. No more than $40.
  16. The local Petco in Toledo Ohio on Monroe street is in the process of taking down there saltwater fish section. They said the reason is that the salt was eating away at the stands. The store was good for snails,crabs,and some other things. its just a shame that all the brick and mortar store are getting out of the saltwater part of the fish hobby. this is all just my opion
  17. CONCH SHELL will pulshing xenias and blue mushrooms on it... $10 this has a lot of Pink Pulshing Xenias on it and some blue mushrooms that look great... this picture doesn't do it justice... youll get more baby xenisa and mushrooms for this if you want to seed your tank ...
  18. I have a few zoa frags for sale 6 Polyps of Fire and Ice, 5 Polyps of Scrambled Eggs, 4 +1baby Fiji Rainbows and three polpys of Rastas!! Im only asking $80 for the lot. Located in Canton Ohio but can drive a little while to meet or I have the ability to shit at buyers expense.
  19. I am WAY better at buying than selling... Lol if you have questions feel free to pm me. Thanks located in Bellefontaine Livestock: pair clowns: $30 Five blue cromis $20 (sale pending) blood red fire shrimp $20 Two brittle stars $10 purple torch $30 (pending) LA lakers 7ish polyps $20 (pending) fire and ice? Can't remember (6ish polyps) $20 gold dust 20ish polyps $30 armour of Gods 25ish polyps $35 red hornets 5ish polyps (they are not super happy about their position in the tank right now : ) $20 (Pending) Rastas 2 or 3 polyps $ 10 candy Apple reds 5 polyps $25 (Pending) Buckeye Reef Purple People Eaters 10 ish polyps $25 (not sure if progress is transferable, but this one could be the winner. Totally wish i could have held onto it till the end : ) brown/green palys 10ish heads $10
  20. I have several rocks (live rock) with pulshing xenia on them (pink) I'm selling them for $10 bucks a rock... first come firsts serve. will make a deal for multiple rocks... sell full size ad I'm in Columbus Ohio, near OSU Airport... over near Sawmill and Bethal rd... txt me if you want them... cell phone is 614 area code (three-two-seven-one-seven three five) My name is Matt...
  21. Selling of all my livestock...from established reef tank. here are some pictures, if there is something you want to see more pictures up close LMK and I'll email some to you. Adult Yellow Tang 39$ OBO Adult Large Foxface 39$ OBO Adult Algae Blenny (Lawnmower blenny) 5$ 2 Adult Clown Fish (ocellaris clownfish) (would like to sell the pair they are friends) 10$ for the pair 2 Adult Blue Damsels 3$ each or 5$ for the pair 1 Adult Cleaner Shrimp 15$ 1 big serpent star 10$ 1 big toadstool leather coral with 10lb live rock it's attached to. $59 OBO (live rock included) 1 big leather coral with 10 lb live rock it's attached to. $59 OBO (live rock included) LIVE ROCK 2$/lb OBO have lots of sizes... 1 pink hammer spawn $20 obo 1 green frogspawn with many frags possible.. $20 obo 1 small frog spawn 9$ OBO Candy cane coral colored. 29$ OBO Several Ricordea BRIGHT orange and lime green center very pretty. As many Pink Pulsing Xenias as you want i'll thrown them in with any purchase. and a big Hollow live rock tube covered in zoanthids this is a 10lb live rock that is hollow big fish can swim through it... covered with zooanthids and ricordea green zoanthids, pink zooanthids both... lots of blue mushrooms... lots of live rock too... I will of course sell the live rock with the coral attached to it... the 2 big leather corals are both attached to their own 10lb live rock piece. I'm in columbus, ohio. 614 area code.... (three - two- seven) ----(one-seven-three five) TXT me with questions. My name is Matt... Thanks!
  22. I went to the Farg swap today in Cincinnati and won the 30 Inch Coral Life Lunar Aqua Light. I dont need the light but willing to trade for reef safe fish or inserting Coral. I live in Xenia.
  23. Adamfratz

    ID please

    Can someone ID this for me?
  24. Adamfratz


    Can anyone identify this coral for me? All I was told was that it is some sort of mushroom but thats about it (just to clarify its the single polyp right next to the zoas)
  25. Hey I'm looking for LED lighting for a 20 gallon long. Let me know if anyone has anything that they are interested in selling. Thanks!
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