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Found 2 results

  1. Hey everyone! After over a year of planning, quoting, confusion, chaos, and concern, we have it! To go along with Marburn's new building (9555 Johnstown Road, New Albany), we have have a new tank, and it's a big one! I just got back home from the building after pulling a few late hours with Aaron and crew from Rivers to Reefs in Columbus (1362 Cherry Bottom Road, Gahanna) and thought that it would be cool to show you all the first photos of the new tank. It's very minimalistic right now as Aaron is going to work on finishing the tank's plumbing, painting, and hardscape on Monday and I will be filling the tank over that week, but damn is it already one nice tank! Just in case you've never seen a 300 Gallon Deep Dimension tank before, it is 6 feet long, 3 feet wide, and 27 inches high. Now, before you scroll down and look at the pretty pictures, I have to do the shameless plug of asking for things. To help aquascape the tank, we're looking for a number of large coral colonies to populate it with. One of Aaron's customers has already graciously offered to donate a few large leather corals (and without me having to beg! Thank you person whose name I don't know!), however we really need more to help fill the tank. We're putting 3 Kessil A360WE's on the tank, so we'll have enough light to handle anything from SPS sticks to mushrooms, so feel free to consider anything! I know that I'm asking for donations and of course everything and anything is greatly appreciated, however we will not necessarily take every coral that's offered (if anything is) if it doesn't fit in with what else we have lined up for the tank. (This is just to keep the tank from looking like it was jumbled together rather than planned. It's all about appearances. ) Alright, enough of my talk: Pretty pictures time! Unboxing the tank with Aaron (on the left) and Seth (on the other left): Personalization of the stand (Aaron's, Sarah's, and my signatures were all added after the photo): A shot of everyone who was actually doing work (including the disembodied hair of Sarah behind the man in pink and the back on Nolan): A wonderful view of the tank (my "office-away-from-office" is where the boxes are): Yet another wonderful shot, this time showing the tank as it stands in the center of the school: Stay tuned for more pretty pictures as the tank continues to be set up!
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