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Found 3 results

  1. A quick instructional on how I do my fragging. Today I am fragging some Bam Bam zoas in preparation for the expo in March. Tools I used: Dremel with a diamond cutting bit Safety glasses Latex gloves Flat head screw driver Bone cutters Pliers Frag plugs Super glue gel (Maybe a mask if you are worried about the dust) Getting started I try and look at the frag first and see where I am going to try and make my cuts. I get a general idea, and lock the plug in the pliers. Then I get to fragging! Then just glue away. Give it a few months and this... Will be this!
  2. Hello all! My name is Dustin Graham, Owner of Responsible Reef Aquaculture located in Hamilton, Ohio. I had someone say I should start a thread about what we do. First a little bit about me: I am a high school sophomore studying business who started this business as a result of seeing how bad the ocean's reefs are deteriorating. It's a project that I hope to continue on with though college. Our specialty is in a blend of phytoplankton that was improved upon based on many major chains. I've since gotten one customer in Mount Healthy, Aquatics and Exotics. I've had a fair share of challenge getting customers but I am hoping that attending some frag swaps and shows will help get my name out there. My business plan is based on this: Sell a superior product cheaper than what I can order online. So, enough with the negative and on to the real reason I started my business and posting here today. I would like your ideas on things that you feel don't stand up to what they should, things that you think could be improved in our hobby. We recently started working on copepods and daphnia, experimenting with food vs. culture density and I think i'm on to something. Anything else that can come to mind would be great, as I am interested in hearing your suggestions. Please wish me luck moving forward, as these trade shows and my one lfs seem to be my only markets. I am planning to be at the 2019 Buckeye Frag Swap if I can get a table. Thanks again, Dustin
  3. In search of broken circulation pumps (ones that have magnets), made for tanks with the same or larger glass thickness than a traditional 90 gallon (3/8 of an inch). Would most prefer magnets meant for even larger aquariums, but I will take what I can get. More specifically I just need the magnets. I am doing some complicated rock-scaping, want to attach the magnets to the branching rock along the back glass, in order to gain more stability. So really any magnets that are reef safe, strong, and low to mid profile would work. If you know of a way to buy just the magnets new (I.E. some kind of keyword I haven't tried on ebay or some other website), I would greatly appreciate the information! Please and thank you!

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