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Found 16 results

  1. GHL and BuckeyeReef are looking to team up and bring all members a group buy opportunity. It will run for 2-3 weeks on all GHL products, and all items will be purchased directly from the GHL website. We wanted to guage interest and see how many members might be interested.
  2. As a thank you to all Buckeye Reef members for such a warm welcome, we at GHL would like to do something special for you. GHL SPECIAL OFFER FOR BUCKEYE REEF MEMBERS Starting June 17 to July 5, 2019...receive 15% off all GHL products! Offer includes: ProfiLux 4 / 4e controllers, Dosing pumps, LED lighting, KH Director, and more. Coupon code: BuckeyeGHLevent Coupon valid at the GHL USA online store Excludes: Aquarium Fans https://www.aquariumcomputer.com/usa/store/ AND...that's not all! We're also giving participants the opportunity to receive an additional coupon (up to 15% off) valid towards their next purchase from GHL USA! Who doesn't love extra discounts??? Here's how to qualify 10% off future coupon In order to qualify for this coupon, do the following: Purchase at least 1 of the following products; ProfiLux 4 controller...Any GHL Mitras LX7 LED...Any KH Director set Create a thread documenting your changeover and share it on Buckeye Reef and Reef2Reef ProfiLux: Post and share on R2R controller thread...example "My switch from --- to GHL ProfiLux controller Lighting: Post on R2R lighting thread KH Director: Post on R2R equipment thread Update your thread regularly Post plenty of photos, unboxing, close-ups documenting the change When the above is done...email the links to your threads to: info@ghlusa.com 15% off future coupon To qualify, do the following: Meet the 10% off coupon requirements Post a YouTube video showing an unboxing of the product Talk about why you made the purchase How you plan to use it on your tank Show what's included BONUS: Show snippets of you setting it up on the app Email both forum postings and YouTube video links to: info@ghlusa.com NOTE: Only 1 additional coupon will be issued to each participant who meets the requirements for either the 10% or 15% off coupon NOTE: Future coupon will be valid for 1 year from date of issue NOTE: Future coupon may only be used once
  3. With the recent launch of the new Mitras LX 7x04 LED, we felt it would be a good opportunity to give you a close-up look at how we build and prepare our products.In this video we show how the Mitras LX LED boards are manufactured in our production facility in Germany. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJg8lDC0zbU Did you know?GHL has been manufacturing and developing its products for 2 decades!From the beginning we've held true to our core values in believing that the aquarium industry deserves nothing less than the best. That's why to this day, we continue to oversee and control all major production processes to ensure your GHL product works safely and reliably for years to come.Our inspection processEach and every finished component undergoes rigorous testing and quality checks. We test our own boards and do our own QC checks. Even down to the inspection of each LED diode, we check it all. We do it because...We want to make sure that each and every product that leaves GHL HQ is tried and tested to perform reliably. While our competition may outsource these tasks, we do it all ourselves. That way, we can improve existing products and innovate new ideas and bring them to life without waiting on others to deliver.Want to learn more about GHL?Click here to learn more about our philosophy on quality assurance and the products we offer.
  4. I currently have the original Apex and have the need to upgrade to the new apex, or switch to GHL Profilux. Two things that have made me consider switching stem from Neptune and Apex themselves. The first is the fact that I read lots of people having issues with fusion connectivity, and random reboots with the new Apex. The second is my first hand account in not being able to rename the outputs on my own ATK because Neptune wants to try and force me into buying a new Apex. I've spent a fair amount of time researching GHL and am quite surprised that the only complaint you see is cost. If you want innovation, and reliability this is the company, and products for you. This decision wasn't easy as I have quite a bit invested in Apex. This thread is also not meant to be an Apex bashing thread as they're both great systems. I simply feel GHL is the system for myself and might not be for you. My Apex List - Original Apex - ATK - Extra Optical Sensor - Leak Detector Sensor - WAV Pump x2 - 1Link - COR-20 - Breakout Box - Neptune Probe Holder GHL List - ProfiLux 4 Mega-Set White Ordering This weekend - Level Sensor, Optical - Level Sensor holder base unit - Level Sensor Fastener, angled - Level Sensor Fastener - Level Sensor Floater - Sensor Holder 1 - Splitter Cable for Level Sensors Need to figure out - What pumps to go with - return pump
  5. Who has had to kid proof the doors on their aquarium stand? I'm looking for ideas and or products you've used for this purpose. - magnetic lock for doors - magnetic switch to send alarm - use same switch to turn lights on in stand Who has done what? what did you use? I'm looking at these: Eco-Baby Child Safety Magnetic Cabinet and Drawer Locks Then use these Magnetic contact switches with the GHL breakout box, or PLM-ADIN ad-on card.
  6. Well, I finally pulled the trigger and purchased two GHL Mitras 7206! ... Pronounced Me-TRAs, not My-TRAs, just FYI... Most of you know that I change my lighting as often as a shrimp molts, but I will be sticking with these for sure. These are some of the best lights I have had by far! Just for reference this is my lighting history T5 with Lumilite, Ocean Revive, Reef Breeder Photon V2, Ocean Revive, Hamilton 250w halide and Reefbrite actinic strip, AI Prime HD, Ocean Revive with AquaticLife T5 Hybrid, Noopsychee KII, GHL Mitras with AquaticLife T5. As you can see I have a soft spot for the Ocean Revive units, and this is because they grow coral like nobodies business. However, if you want independent spectrum control they are not the fixture for you. I have been researching "better" options for LED lights for a long time. After some time, I kept bouncing between three brands: AI, Ecotech, and GHL. I like the AI lights for the app, control, and price. Ecotech was more expensive, but the populous love them and its hard to beat what you know works. However, the down side, for me, with the Ecotech Radion was the need for a Reef Link to control wirelessly, and price. Truly, what killed it for me is when they took an already expensive light at $799, and increased the price by another $50. It may seem trivial, but my question WHY?!?! ... Anyway, enough of my price rant. The next competitor was the GHL Mitras. I have had the GHL Doser 2 for a few years now, and can stand by the quality of the unit. So I knew the quality of the Mitras would be the same if not better. What I liked about the Mitras was the independent channel control, wireless control right out of the box (can be linked to ProfiLux controller with expansion card if desired), slave option for multiple units, and a price that was slightly cheaper than the Radion at $779. When @GHL offered 10% off at the Buckeye Reef Expo, it was hard to turn it down. After talking with Matt from Summit City Corals, who was using Mitras over his frag tanks at the swap, I was totally sold! Needless to say, I was super stoked when these arrived at the door. I had been watching videos and researching prior to their arrival, so I was pretty familiar with how to set them up initially, and the process went super smooth. I do recommend using the GHL Control Center for setup via computer, instead of setting them up via the push buttons on the unit or GHL Connect app. While it is possible to set them up the other ways, it just made it super fast and easy on the computer. To connect them, you use a micro USB cord that is included in the package. You have the option to set up each channel independently, use a pre-programmed schedule, or use something called Light Composer to program the light. Light Composer is a way to create and share lighting templates via GHL's website. Users can upload and share them to other users. I had downloaded a schedule that I found and liked. I tweeked the settings to my time schedule and color preferences, but mostly keeping the same settings. Here is a picture of what Light Composer looks like and how you can adjust the spectrum and intensities. Totally love it! Something that I did not know the units had, but thought was an amazing feature is the Acclimation setting. You can set a range of dates and start and end intensity and the light will slowly ramp up to those settings! After I had everything adjusted to my liking, I saved the settings and made the unit a Master. To program the second light, all I had to adjust the setting from Master to Slave, and all settings program on the Master unit were transferred to the Slave. Easy as 3.14159! I've had them up and running for a few weeks now, and am very impressed with the functions and capabilities of these lights. I have made minor adjustments to the settings via the GHL Connect app since the initial setup. I will get a hold of a par meter when they finish ramping up to standard operation. Some of my SPS have browned out a little, but they went from getting blasted with 95% whites and blues to a ramp from 50% of max intensity to 100% over a two month time period. This was to be expected, but better safe than sorry. Don't want to bleach my Cherry Bomb just because I am impatient. I will keep this updated with thoughts and impressions as time goes on. However, I have to say that I am beyond pleased with this purchase! I highly recommend these to anyone that is in the market for lighting. Not the best picture in the world, but you get the idea.
  7. The Powerbars are really well build and can control anything. The biggest shocker to me was the size of it. The latest powerbar from GHL – elegant design, sophisticated worksmanship and unbeatable quality! The sophisticated design consisting of matt black anodized aluminum and plastic in piano lacquer look makes the Powerbar another outstanding component of the visually appealing GHL equipment. The technology sets standards – Features and Specifications 6 independently switchable sockets with a continuous current of max. 15A each (depending on country version) Extremely robust high-inrush current (HIC) industrial relays: Each relay is designed for a continuous current of 16A and a short-term peak current of 160A Current measurement per socket to monitor the connected equipment Illuminated logo, different colours and flashing codes provide information about the current system status at a glance 2 ProfiLux Aquatic Bus (PAB) connections for reliable communication with ProfiLux aquarium controller and other system components Status LEDs for communication, operation and switching status of the individual sockets Switch with integrated fuse Heavy-duty, grounded power cord, 1.80m / 6 feet long Fallback fail-safe setting: In the event of a communication problem between ProfiLux and the powerbar, each socket takes an user-defined state. Robust side mounting brackets Practical arrangement of the sockets: The arrangement in a row and the distance between the sockets make it possible to plug in almost all devices (even bulky power supplies) at any position. In contrast to multi-row powerbars, the single-row arrangement allows simple and tidy cabling. Dimensions Max. dimensions (L x W x H) incl. sockets and mounting brackets, without cable: 47.0 cm x 11.2 cm x 10.0 cm (18.5″ x 4.4″ x 3.9″) https://www.aquariumcomputer.com/products/profilux-accessories/powerbars/
  8. I'm trying to set my ATO up with two sensors. Unlike the GHL video option of one switch is low level, and one is high level I want one low level and one emergency shut off. I have one switch working as On/Off for the ATO but for the life of me I can't get the float switch to shut the ATO pump off when triggered. My setup: - Optical switch is the "ATO Sensor" - Float switch is the "High Sump Sensor" - Y cable is being used from the purple input My programming: ATO Sensor: High Sump Sensor: Program Logic: Switch Channel 15: Socket 2:
  9. I'm in need for another Powerbar for my ProfiLux. If you have one please let me know before I go ordering a new one. https://www.aquariumcomputer.com/products/profilux-accessories/powerbars/
  10. Another cool future product coming from GHL Heating and cooling with Peltier Technology. In early 2008, GHL introduced an innovative Peltier-technology based climate control unit designed for aquariums. The release of the first generation ProfiLux Temperature Control (PTC), enthused customers around the world. Growing demand, technical developments in Peltier technology, and change in framework conditions lead to the development of a successor: ProfiLux Temperature Control 2. How it works PTC is designed to work in conjunction with a ProfiLux controller (required) and is controlled via a 1-10V connection. PTC performs its temperature control task by heating or cooling the water that flows through it. Depending on the difference between tank temperature and desired value, the PTC will automatically regulate the needed amount of power between 0% – 100% so that accurate and stable water temperature can be achieved. PTC always draws just as much power as necessary to maintain the temperature. With this level of control, you can avoid the usual temperature jumps caused by conventional coolers and their so-called switching hysteresis. The result is a gentle temperature curve that simulates natural processes. As the controller measures the current temperature, it tells the PTC at which intensity it should heat or cool. Features Heats and cools using Peltier technology – Electric power is converted directly into heat or cold Highly efficient and long-lasting – Peltier elements are only operated at partial load Continuous power control – Automatically adjusts needed power based on actual temperature Significantly quieter and more compact than conventional compressor chillers Integrated smart fan-control prevents unnecessary operating noise Heat exchanger made from V4A stainless steel, PTC heat sinks utilize a copper core. Suitable for freshwater and saltwater aquariums Superior safety – Fan speed and heat sink temperature are constantly monitored Highly reliable – No moving parts except the included fans Environmentally friendly – No ozone-depleting chemicals and no coolant necessary Easy to install Available with 2 to 6 Peltier elements If needed, several devices can be connected in parallel Models and PTC Size Recommendation The numbers shown above should only be used as guidelines for choosing the correct PTC2. Actual size needed will depend on many factors, e.g. aquarium specifications, placement and environmental conditions. Please note that the PTC is NOT suitable for aquariums that need to be continuously cooled. Consistently elevated temperatures typically result from inefficient lights, pumps, and/or warm ambient room temperature. PTC is ideal for modern aquariums that utilize energy efficient equipment such as LED lighting and DC flow pumps and are exposed to average room temperatures. https://www.aquariumcomputer.com/products/ghl-cooling-technology/profilux-temperature-control2/
  11. I had a firmware update fail on my GHL ProfiLux controller tonight and went into a panic. The controller went completely dark except for a small GHL logo on the front was lighting up. After a few google searches I figured out that GHL has Emergency instructions posted on their website. I simply wanted to share this here for anyone who ever runs into this issue. The process was quite simple and my ProfiLux is updated and running like normal again. ProfiLux Emergency 4 Update Instructions https://www.aquariumcomputer.com/downloads/profilux-4-emergency-update-instructions/
  12. This was posted in February but new to me. Take my wallet GHL. It’s been a long time coming but finally we have firm evidence that GHL will be releasing an automatic fish feeder. This detail was leaked in a graphic for GHL’s forthcoming Profilux 4e aquarium controller showing all the ports of this new machine, including a ‘Port for DCF-Receiver or automatic feeder’. We have it on good credibility that this is not any random fish feeder but GHL’s own model that will soon play nice with their flagship Profilux. We don’t know if GHL will be building this unit from scratch of saving some time by retrofitting an existing device like Neptune did with the Lifegard Intellifeed for their AFS auto feeder. That latter option is a lazy if economical route to take and frankly that doesn’t fit in with the GHL playbook so expect them to make the best feeder possible from the ground up. The image above is a simple graphic we mocked up but we believe the GHL Auto Feeder will be revealed and made available sometime this spring and we’re very excited to see what they come up with. https://reefbuilders.com/2019/02/04/ghl-leaks-forthcoming-auto-feeder/
  13. The look of the GHL ProfiLux made me want to put it on display outside of the stand. I’ve always hid my Neptune Apex inside the stand.
  14. Reefer Deluxe 525 XL Tank Build - Episode #4GHL ProfiLux 4 Controller Setup and Mounting
  15. Happy Tanksgiving!Black Friday: MORE Deals, MORE doorbusters, + AquaMaxx Stock Replenishment!
  16. At long last! GHL Dosers and Controllers are HERE + 10% off ESV Automate all aspects of aquarium keeping with ProfiLux Controllers and Dosers - NEW @ MD! + 10 off ESV brand supplements this weekend!
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