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Found 10 results

  1. Reefer Skimmer Video & Giveaway + Pro Aquarium Bundles + New Gear from Eshopps!PLUS: 15% off JBJ Chillers and our Product Review Drive End Soon!
  2. How to Stop Your Protein Skimmer from OverflowingPLUS: Enter the Photo of the Month Contest presented by Marine Depot!
  3. Curve Elite Skimmers Have Landed Powered by Quiet & Dependable Sicce Pumps: Curve Elite, NOW IN STOCK!
  4. Rare below MAP pricing on Vertex Save up to $162.50 Vertex Omega Protein Skimmers Win the World's First Floating Algae Scrubber—a $500 value![/URL]
  5. The latest innovations from Innovative Marine are HERE Innovative Marine is not afraid to take risks with aquarium design. They offer shallow reefs, lagoons, drop-offs, and peninsulas in a variety of sizes. Each aquarium has high clarity glass, black silicone lines and a templated overflow system that can house a variety of cool accessories and upgrades called AUQA Gadgets.
  6. So I changed 20 gallons water today. 15 gallons last week. I have a new carbon pad. Plus carbon in a bag in my sump. I can't get my skimmer to stop overflowing. My friend who runs a pet store suggested I have something in my water. Which I don't. I don't use any chemicals. That's why I did 2 larger water changes. The carbon should have pulled it out by now. Maybe my skimmer is bad? Any suggestions?
  7. $125 used for left than 6 months nothing wrong just left the saltwater hobby to spend more time on freshwater and don't need. Original pump burned out so I replaced it with a Rio 1100. This pump might be a little weak for a bigger aquarium. Comes with bio rings and bioballs, manual, and pump accessories. In Findlay Ohio
  8. Have a slightly used aquamaxx hob-1 protien skimmer. Includes extra collection cup, bubble matrix, plate, outflow connections and more. Excellent condition and works wonderfully. No longer need it. Fits on back of nanocube 28 or any other tank that has a lip for a hang on skimmer. Stats are on site http://aquamaxxaquariums.com/protein-skimmer/hob-1/ . Asking $200 since has extras. Email me with inquiries or interest. Thanks. kroman3517@yahoo.com
  9. Used about 4 months everything still works. Says it's for up to 220 gallons. Hang on or in sump design. $50. Call or text 9376547467 located in urbana ohio
  10. Looking for opinions on a decent nano protein skimmer for a newbie on a budget! I was looking for something that I can hang on the tank as I do not have a sump and am not planning on doing a sump for the time being (may consider this in the future but just not yet). I was looking at something like the AquaC Remora nano skimmer. I am just now diving into the saltwater world, been keeping freshwater tanks for a few years and looking for a project. I have a 20 Gallon tank set up and it has been cycling for almost a week and a half now. My ammonia levels are dropping nitrates have started to rise. I have a canister filter rated for a 30 gallon tank, an Eheim surface skimmer, a nano powerhead pushing out about 425gph, a 100W heater, and of course some LED lighting on a timer. I have 20 lbs of rock (70% dead and 30% live) as well as 20 lbs of argonite sand (non-live). My "perfect world" stocking list includes: Pair of Frostbite or Black Ice Clowns Perhaps a Green Chromis Chocolate Chip Starfish Peppermint Shrimp Cleaner Shrimp Red-legged Hermit Crab Variety of snails Variety of corals Nitrates: 20ppm Nitrites: 3.0 pH: 8.2 Temp.: 76 F (ordered a heater, as mentioned above) Salinity: 1.024-1.025 If anyone has any used nano protein skimmers for sale, feel free to let me know!

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