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Found 18 results

  1. I wanted to start this thread a long time ago but have waited about as long as I can.About 10 weeks ago I placed an order with Acrylic Creations for a custom 66 Long X 24 X 24 Acrylic Aquarium (~166 Gallons). This will be a peninsula style, see through tank, that will separate two sides of my basement. I also have an order on with my favorite sump builder, LifeReef, for and CLF2 Compact Berlin Sump and LifeRefugium which will run along side my LifeReef Calcium Reactor.I will also be going all out with EcoTech Marine products as follows:Additional Items:- 3 X Ecotech Radion XR30 Pro Gen 4 (Custom Acrylic Mounts)- Ecotech Marine ReefLink Controller- 2 X Ecotech Vortech MP40w- Vectra M1 (Drive Skimmer)- Vectra L1 (Drive return, refugium, and reactors)Stocking plans for this tank will be very similar to my last SPS tank but on a larger scale. I also plan to push my luck with one or two larger angel species. The photo attached is just after I completed cutting out the carpet, and leveling the tank stand on composite shims. The tank now sits directly on the homes slab foundation, so no worries about falling through the floor!Updates to come frequently and soon!!
  2. Hi everyone. A couple of months ago one of my anemones spawned making my water super cloudy like milk was dumped in it. I did water several water changes and everything seemed ok. About a week after, I started having issues where a light white film and algae started covering everything. Since. I did water changes daily, replaced the carbon three times and a chemipure and phosphate. I even used a toothbrush to scrub rocks and the walls and for about a day and half everything looked great. The. It returned and showed a brown film on the bottom. I remember did a week blackout to kill everything. I have a rodi system for my water. I have changed he water so many times I can’t count the gallons anymore and I test the water before and after and my levels look good in all departments from the normal and reef master test kit. My filter also has a uv light and I even tried chemiclean. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? The few fish and corals I have are doing alright. I recently tried to add more clean up crew and they seem to not last more than a day :/ see my pics of what I’m looking at. Now on top of the flakey white algae I have green algae growing. even my urchin hasn’t moved in a week plus. Do I basically have to start over and salvage the fish and coral I can?
  3. I am selling my complete saltwater tank system, as I no longer have the interest and time that I had 20 years ago. Tank: SeaClear 100 Gallon Acrylic Show Tank with Blue Back (Tank has not been drilled), still have the (2) matching black light hoods that came with it. Some scratches near bottom, but priced as is and will not matter if you want a sandy bottom - I go sandless. Stand: Seaclear Black Acrylic Stand with two front doors to access storage. Small chip in top front left corner. The storage area is big enough for a sump and pump system. The stand has a drill hole in the top toward the back center from when I had a SeaClear System II tank and sump below. (unfortunately, that tank did not survive the trip to Findlay). Lighting: Black Metal Hood Enclosure with (2) 110 watt VHOs & (2) 175 watt Metal Halides, (2) separate ballast boxes to control VHOs or Halides independently. Currently running 10,000K lights thru all, to slow growth/reproduction & reduce height of Green Sinularia corals. Be aware with 6,500K lights, SInularia will extend out much more and grow/reproduce much faster. At one point I was selling them to Pets Supplies Plus when they were still selling saltwater, but I had to change out the 6,500K lights out because the Sinularia were overtaking the tank. Miscellaneous Internals: (1) SeaClone 100 Protein Skimmer; WaveMaster Pro Microprocessor-Controlled Wavemaker; Aquaclear Powerheads (1) 802, (2) 402, (1) 301; Whisper Power Filter 60 for filtration. Reef Inhabitants: Multiple Green Sinularia; Multiple Orange Montipora Capricornis; (1) Sebae Anemone/Heteractis (11 yrs old); (1) Elibi Angel (20 yrs old, that is right 20 yrs old); (1) Mushroom Leather Finger Coral; other misc. button polyps, starburst polyps, purple & green actinodiscus; approx. 100 lbs of live rock. Miscellaneous: (1) 200 gallon box of Reef Crystals; a Pentair Aquaculture Scratch Removal Kit. Transfer Tank & Accesories: 55 Gallon Glass Tank with (2) glass covers. This tank is included (and is the one I had used if I had to move my previous system II acrylic tank) to setup prior to tanking down the acrylic tank, so the inhabitants can be transferred to the 55 gallon temporarily, so the 100 gallon acrylic tank/stand can be moved. Also, (1) Aquaclear Powerhead to mix salt & (1) VisiTherm 250W heater. $800 for all the above. I am located in Findlay, Ohio.
  4. Less than a year old (purchased in January) in working condition. Will need to purchase new slides. Monitors pH, ammonia, temperature and is a Par meter. For more information see the sellers website. Asking $150 Located in Streetsboro https://www.seneye.com/
  5. Hi all I just recently joined and wanted to share my newest creation with others. Please feel free to criticize. My aquarium is a 55 gallon with minimal mechanical filtration, two aquaclears. I am a huge fan of biological filtration and low bioloads, a religious zealot about it. I am not running a sump system, the 200? watt titanium heater is hidden in the rock work. The lighting system is a quad bulb fixture with 4 Ati T5 bulbs, all of which are different. As for water movement, I have a RW-8 on its way. Future plans: Moving some live rock from my other tanks to seed the tank. Stocking list: pair of clowns Fairy Wrasse Maybe a watchman or other goby to pair with my pistol shrimp barnacle blenny maybe a jawfish Here is a few pictures, I will update as much as I can. Enjoy! During Construction: As of today: Sorry, I am not responsible for neck injuries.
  6. Good morning to all! I hope everyone is recouped from Saturdays swap. And what an awesome swap it was! Thank you Jesse and to all that were involved in putting it together. Hard work does pay off.! To those who attended, thank you for stopping by to say hi and any purchases made. To those who couldn't attend, you missed a great swap, great vendors, awesome hosts and make sure you make it next year! Motor City Corals
  7. Selling my 28gal nano cube aquarium because I am moving and wanting to get out of the hobby. Have had it set up as a reef tank. It's in good condition. Selling it as a complete set with the live rock/sand, stand, all the components it came with and needed to run the tank. It comes with a canister filter and coral life slimmer. This is the highest level nano cube you can get. It has 89 watt led lights and has duel returns with controller and I have the lights all programmed on timers. Comes with clown, royal gama, crabs, urchin, shrimp. asking $500. For $650 I'll sell it with aqua max skimmer and rodi system including boost pump and new filters. Email me with inquiries and questions: kroman3517@yahoo.com
  8. Cincyreef is proud to announce the upcoming 2017 frag swap! Please contact us for vendor inquiries and hobbyist tables. Looking forward to seeing all our Buckeye Reef friends again this year DATE: January 14th, 2017 - 11 AM to 3 PMNEW LOCATION: 6300 E Kemper Road, Sharonville Ohio @ Hilton Doubletree Hotel! ROOMS: Discount Rooms ARE available to hobbyists and vendors, please contact us or post below!ADMISSION: General Admissions is $5 and free for children under 12. Cincyreef Members have FREE admission. EARLY BIRD ADMISSION: Only $25! Limited availability. Includes 3' table and 15g maximum water volume. No Metal Halide lighting please. SWAPPERS: Free tables will be open to swappers, no electricity and no reservations and no tank setups. VENDORS: Please contact us or post below for vendor fees and reservations.
  9. http://www.marineandreef.com/Marineland_Reef_…/RML90621.htm… Brand new. Still sealed. $125 Swanton, Ohio
  10. Selling my 40 gal rimless tank set up in prep for a move. The tank is excellent condition, comes with everything in pictures: tank, stand, light (165w 55 led programmable lights with controller), ATO, canister filter w uv light, reactor, skimmer, refugium, pumps and ALL the livestock in the tank. Numerous extras such as supplements and testing materials to go with it. Please email me for more specifics or questions. The light frame is customs and can be removed. Asking for $700. If interested i can also sell my BRS RODI system that has a boost pump and capable of 150g a day for another 125 but only will sell that once the tank is sold. kroman3517@yahoo.com
  11. Moving and needing to sell my 28 gal jbj nano cube. It is in good condition. Comes with the stand, tank, live rock/sand and what livestock is in it. Has a canister filter and coral life skimmer with it. Asking $500. For an aditional $150 I will add my aquamaxx hob skimmer that I been using with it instead of the coral life one. Has extra collection cup, plate and bubble matrix and some other parts. I will not get red of the aquamaxx util the tank is sold first. Please email me with questions or any interest: kroman3517@yahoo.com
  12. Moving and needing to sell my 2 reef tanks: 1- 30 gal nano cube that is in great condition. it is the 92 watt light system and has a center overflow with media basket and 2 return pumps that have controllers that are changeable from 30 sec to 6 min or both on. I also have a canister filter with uv light and aquamaxx hob protein skimmer that is with it. I am including the stand and all the accessories, live stock, sand, live rock, etc. $700 1- 40 gal rimless tank in great condition, stand, sump, canister filter and skimmer (complete set up). Also includes the return pump, refugium, filter media, bio reactor, and 55 led light programmable / controllable system that is 165w total. I am also including my RODI system with boost pump from BRS. Produces more than double 75 gal a day, almost 150. Also includes any live stock in it and many extras. - $900 For pictures or with any questions please email or text me direct. Alex Kroman3517@yahoo.com / 614-499-4445
  13. Wanting to buy led lighting to set up a new/future reef tank that is 40 gal. 24" long and rimless. Please let me know if you have one you are selling, type, output, wattage etc. Located in New Albany (Columbus) OH
  14. I will be experimenting with micro bubbles in my 40g mixed reef. I currently have three SPS corals, two torch corals, two hammer corals, two bubble tip anemones, bubble coral, colony of duncans, some acans, and a ton of zoanthids/palys. I Will do this either over a 15 day period or a 30 day period not sure yet. I will be starting this tomorrow as i'm still messing with air pumps and airstones. I will be running the bubbles for 10 hours a day for the first 3 days then back to 5 hours for the remainder of the test. Here's some quick pictures of what it looks like right now. Any questions or things you want to see please comment and let me know! Here's a video testing stuff out!
  15. I would appreciate any guidance on LED lighting as i will be setting up a new 40gal 24x20 rimless tank that I would like to have coral, clams and anemones in. Any suggestions?
  16. Selling of all my livestock...from established reef tank. here are some pictures, if there is something you want to see more pictures up close LMK and I'll email some to you. Adult Yellow Tang 39$ OBO Adult Large Foxface 39$ OBO Adult Algae Blenny (Lawnmower blenny) 5$ 2 Adult Clown Fish (ocellaris clownfish) (would like to sell the pair they are friends) 10$ for the pair 2 Adult Blue Damsels 3$ each or 5$ for the pair 1 Adult Cleaner Shrimp 15$ 1 big serpent star 10$ 1 big toadstool leather coral with 10lb live rock it's attached to. $59 OBO (live rock included) 1 big leather coral with 10 lb live rock it's attached to. $59 OBO (live rock included) LIVE ROCK 2$/lb OBO have lots of sizes... 1 pink hammer spawn $20 obo 1 green frogspawn with many frags possible.. $20 obo 1 small frog spawn 9$ OBO Candy cane coral colored. 29$ OBO Several Ricordea BRIGHT orange and lime green center very pretty. As many Pink Pulsing Xenias as you want i'll thrown them in with any purchase. and a big Hollow live rock tube covered in zoanthids this is a 10lb live rock that is hollow big fish can swim through it... covered with zooanthids and ricordea green zoanthids, pink zooanthids both... lots of blue mushrooms... lots of live rock too... I will of course sell the live rock with the coral attached to it... the 2 big leather corals are both attached to their own 10lb live rock piece. I'm in columbus, ohio. 614 area code.... (three - two- seven) ----(one-seven-three five) TXT me with questions. My name is Matt... Thanks!
  17. I got an apollo reef led 6000-uv solarblast for sale. Bought it for over $400. Comes with controller and hanging kit. This is a steal especially with that controller. $200 if you pick it up and $210 shipped. There are 2 burnt out led's they are royal blue and I will send you the replacement led's and lenses if you want to try to fix it
  18. Hey I'm looking for LED lighting for a 20 gallon long. Let me know if anyone has anything that they are interested in selling. Thanks!
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