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Found 15 results

  1. Aquarium Sumps EXPLAINED — New Video! Your Hub for Water Filtration and Automation Hardware
  2. Trigger Systems: Pay Over Time - 3, 6, or 12 months!Pay as low as 0% APR Financing on Trigger Systems with Affirm
  3. Customize Your Sump with Somatic - NOW 15% OFFHot rodding and customizing your Somatic filter is easy!
  4. Saturday Doorbusters + GHL 10% Off! Black Friday Super Sale - WEEKEND EDITION
  5. NUVO EXT tanks NOW IN STOCK Special Introductory Pricing: 15% OFF / SAVE UP TO $105!
  6. New, Never Used Lee's BIO-PIN Balls, 900 count (7.5 gallons). Retail Box is slightly dented on top, but otherwise in New Condition. The Lee's Catalog No. 17025 describes these as the small type. Normally, 76.99-79.99, but yours for $40.00. New, Never even opened Commercial Bulk Box of Lee's BIO-PIN Balls, 2100 count (17.50 gallons). The Lee's Catalog No. 17030 (old catalog No. 50172) describes these as the small type. Normally, 180.35-186.64, but yours for $95.00. I reside in Findlay, but (if it helps) I also work at a colleagues office in Powell, Ohio most Fridays (8-4) as long as it is not the day after or before a holiday.
  7. $25 off AquaMaxx Pumps with ANY Sump Purchase Get better flow & cleaner water with this special offer!
  8. 29 gallon tank absolutely packed, up and running for 2 years, new growth on everything. Acans, euphyllia, zoas, mushrooms, blastos, galaxia, xenia growing on the glass, pavona cactus, clove polyps, bubbles, gorgonian, favia, monti, Hollywood stunner, and 2 chocolate clown fish, 1 coral beauty, 1 coral banded shrimp, 1 yellow watchman goby, 1 yellow stripe goby, 3 rock nems, 1 serpent star, various snails, hermits and some chaeto. Set up includes 29g drilled glass tank w/ corner overflow, custom 3 chamber 20 gallon sump w/ Current LED sump light, return pump and in sump skimmer, bio balls, custom stand with fully removable Velcro front and DJ switch strip. Tank substrate is crushed coral w/ various hermit shells and small rocks. Only thing not included is LED hanging over the tank. Would like to sell as a whole unit but willing to part out coral and fish. Setup will remain as 1 unit. Please PM for prices. Pickup is in Swanton, Ohio. Will not deliver. Note** Some corals are attached to large rocks with other corals. Some are separate.
  9. $125 used for left than 6 months nothing wrong just left the saltwater hobby to spend more time on freshwater and don't need. Original pump burned out so I replaced it with a Rio 1100. This pump might be a little weak for a bigger aquarium. Comes with bio rings and bioballs, manual, and pump accessories. In Findlay Ohio
  10. $250 $100 $80 $15 each $5
  11. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to figure out how to tell what size sump is needed vs tank size I just bought a 125 gal reed ready tank for $125 and a 300 gal acrylic for $200. I was n the hobby 8 years ago and got out of it after my divorce and getting ready to get back in to it this weekend. So I was wondering what the general rule of thumb is for sump gal vs tank gal if there is one. Thanks for all the help!
  12. Well I picked up a couple tanks this weekend to use for my sump/refugium project so I am now getting the hamster wheel rolling. My question is this. ......Do I have to use baffles? I know they are supposed to reduce micro bubbles into the tank (my return will not go back to the tank directly), and maintain a constant water level for the skimmer (can be achieved with ato) . Basically I want to house filter socks, skimmer, live rock, and return pump. This will return to a stacked refugium that will gravity feed back to the display. I am not opposed to adding them but want to be sure they are necessary. Thanks
  13. I currently have a 150 glass fowlr up and running, I need to switch everything to a newsed 90 drilled. I plan on switching all the filtration to the new tank, but I need to get it up and cycling first and I don't really want to buy a new sump for a temporary use! Current tank has a broken center brace currently held together with a ratchet strap until I can complete the swap... I'm running a Eshopps RS-200 sump now, just finished building the new oak stand for the new tank so it's almost ready to go.
  14. Well I just picked up 65DB reef tank and stand. I am looking for a sump. I am looking for a 20 gal long, 25 gal, or 29 gal glass only. The measurements I can go are 16" wide, 32" long, and 20" deep. Thanks
  15. I have a brand new never used Eshoppes External Overflow I would like to trade. It is out of the box but brand new and never installed. I would rather trade it for something than sell it. The overflow is good for tanks up to 100g. It includes a 1" bulkhead and is capable of 600-800gph. Let me know what you have to trade!

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