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Found 7 results

  1. A quick instructional on how I do my fragging. Today I am fragging some Bam Bam zoas in preparation for the expo in March. Tools I used: Dremel with a diamond cutting bit Safety glasses Latex gloves Flat head screw driver Bone cutters Pliers Frag plugs Super glue gel (Maybe a mask if you are worried about the dust) Getting started I try and look at the frag first and see where I am going to try and make my cuts. I get a general idea, and lock the plug in the pliers. Then I get to fragging! Then just glue away. Give it a few months and this... Will be this!
  2. 29 gallon tank absolutely packed, up and running for 2 years, new growth on everything. Acans, euphyllia, zoas, mushrooms, blastos, galaxia, xenia growing on the glass, pavona cactus, clove polyps, bubbles, gorgonian, favia, monti, Hollywood stunner, and 2 chocolate clown fish, 1 coral beauty, 1 coral banded shrimp, 1 yellow watchman goby, 1 yellow stripe goby, 3 rock nems, 1 serpent star, various snails, hermits and some chaeto. Set up includes 29g drilled glass tank w/ corner overflow, custom 3 chamber 20 gallon sump w/ Current LED sump light, return pump and in sump skimmer, bio balls, custom stand with fully removable Velcro front and DJ switch strip. Tank substrate is crushed coral w/ various hermit shells and small rocks. Only thing not included is LED hanging over the tank. Would like to sell as a whole unit but willing to part out coral and fish. Setup will remain as 1 unit. Please PM for prices. Pickup is in Swanton, Ohio. Will not deliver. Note** Some corals are attached to large rocks with other corals. Some are separate.
  3. I have fruit loop and rasta zoas I am looking to trade. I am into euphyllia, mushrooms, and sps. Pm me if interested. Located in lima.
  4. *List has been updated and items sold have been taken off to clean things up some* My wife and I have been trying to start a family for the past year and unfortunately have not had any luck. Now comes the medical bills on trying to see what the issue is so our dreams can come true. With that comes medical bills and sacrifices have to be made. So at this time we are stepping away from the hobby in hopes to be back soon. We have over 70 corals, 15 fish, and tons of inverts. All in 3 fish tanks including a 90 gallon acrylic tank perfect condition with overflow and sump, 2 biocube 29 gallon glass all in one tanks, lights, heaters, wavemakers, and tons of extras. This is the first post of a few. Trying to sell all the corals first because I am sure to catch the fish I will need to dismantle the rock structures. So, let the list begin.... Green Leptastria (2") - $20 Rust Paly (looks like copper penny heads) (25+ heads) - $35 Campfire Zoas (2 sets of 4 heads, 1 set of 5 heads) - $15 for 4 heads, $20 for 5 heads Potato Chip Pavona (2 pieces - 1/2" piece, 1" piece) - $10, $20 Orange Leptastria (1 1/2" x 1 1/2") - $20 LA Lakers (13 head) $40 Purple Gorilla Nipple Zoa (5 heads) - $20 Red Hornet Zoas (7 heads) - $25 Cucumber - $5 Yellow Stripe Maroon Clownfish (2") - $35 Chocolate Ocellaris Clownfish (small, I have 2 of them, $15 each) Purple Firefish - $25 Coral Beauty - $30 Hawaiian Naso Tang (large 6 1/2") - $100 Clown Trigger (medium 5") - $125 Valentini Puffer (adult large 3 1/2") - $30 Tom Rapids RP3 Pro Sump - $150 (only tested, not used) Please copy and paste what you want in your comments or messages. I am willing to negotiate on multiple pieces. I am located in Delphos, OH. Looking for cash only, sorry no trades as we are getting out. I typically can be available any weekday after 5:30 and should be around most of the weekend.
  5. I am WAY better at buying than selling... Lol if you have questions feel free to pm me. Thanks located in Bellefontaine Livestock: pair clowns: $30 Five blue cromis $20 (sale pending) blood red fire shrimp $20 Two brittle stars $10 purple torch $30 (pending) LA lakers 7ish polyps $20 (pending) fire and ice? Can't remember (6ish polyps) $20 gold dust 20ish polyps $30 armour of Gods 25ish polyps $35 red hornets 5ish polyps (they are not super happy about their position in the tank right now : ) $20 (Pending) Rastas 2 or 3 polyps $ 10 candy Apple reds 5 polyps $25 (Pending) Buckeye Reef Purple People Eaters 10 ish polyps $25 (not sure if progress is transferable, but this one could be the winner. Totally wish i could have held onto it till the end : ) brown/green palys 10ish heads $10
  6. Any tricks or things to check for zoas that don't want to open?
  7. Okay fellas/felletes I need an ID on these. I assume they are palythoa but am not sure what their common name is.

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