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I have been on a hunt for a Fowleri Tang for over a year. I have talked with LFS's all throughout Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana trying to find one with no luck. I have been subscribed to email notifications on Bluezoo and Live Aquaria for probably just as long.

Enter FishyBusiness Aquatics. I read through their intro on R2R, and they did not get a very warm welcome at all, but I was inclined to give them a try before writing them off. I signed up for email notifications, just in case they were able to get a Fowleri tang. This past Saturday, I ended up getting an in stock notification and was super stoked. I had read over their DOA policies previously, but I took a gander at them once more. I thought I had read somewhere that there was a 21 day guarantee, but I only saw the option to purchase a 7 day for $63 in addition to the price of the fish. With the Fowleri Tang being as hard to come by, I assumed the price tag would be higher than most, but I found it to be a little more than I was expecting to pay (especially compared to other quoted prices listed on vendor websites). Regardless, I have waited over a year for this fish, I am not going to let it slip away because of a slightly higher price tag than anticipated. 

Website purchase was super easy as one would expect. I sent a message asking a few questions after my order in regards to the DOA policy and the guarantee. I was contacted shortly after via phone, and I ended up adding the 7 day guarantee and the $8.99 UPS shipping insurance. The woman I spoke to on the phone was very pleasant and was extremely easy to deal with. 

Shipping was a breeze. I received emails with tracking numbers and was surprised to get text messages saying that my package is on its way! The package came at 0954. Standard styro container with heating pack, newspaper, and fish double bagged and sealed with a clip. No different than any other online retailer that I have ordered fish or coral from. Best of all the fish wasn't dead! LOL In fact it looks super healthy and shows little to no signs of stress from shipping. Beautiful coloration and looks to be the show piece I wanted it to be. 

Acclimated and placed in my QT tank. He/she is still a little skittish at this point, but appears to be doing very well! I wish I could have snagged a better photo. But here she is...


I was a little nervous ordering from FishyBusiness Aquatics at first, with them being a new to me vendor, but so far I am very satisfied with my purchase. Overall, I think some of their prices may be a little high compared to other vendors, and I would like to see more options for fish survival guarantee. For $63 I think I should get more than 7 days. I would have been more happy if it would have been the 21 days they reference in other threads. Regardless, I would order from them again if the price was right, and they had what I was looking for. 

Four out of Five Stars. 

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