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I'm a twin dad

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After years of not being able to get pregnant, and unexplained infertility my wife and I started seeing a fertility doctor in Columbus in January of 2017. This led to lots of trips to Columbus to the doctor (a two hour drive for us), and different procedures and meds used. For those who don't know IVF is a brutal process for the female with daily shots, and every couple day blood draws. We ended up implanting one embryo and hoped for it to turn into a single baby. 

We found out we were pregnant on our first hospital stay when my wife was rushed to the hospital at five weeks pregnant. The diagnoses was overstimulation of her ovaries from the IVF process, but blood work showed a pregnancy... yay!. This led to a 5 day hospital stay, and the doctors using a syringe  to go into her belly and removed 2 gallons of fluid.

At 8 weeks we were set to go to Columbus for the first ultrasound reading and my wife woke up that morning in a puddle of blood. We thought we had miscarried but the doctor said to come in anyways so they could take a look. Once the doctor started doing the ultrasound his first words were "Do we have multiples in there?" Of course my wife and I were shocked after thinking all day she had miscarried, and never even considered the thought of twins. Long story short they said it was a miracle, and vary rare but we some how got pregnant on our own at the same time as doing IVF. The doctor was just as shocked as we were and couldn't explain what happened that morning with my wife waking up in a puddle of blood.

Fast forward to September 24th at 28 weeks pregnant my wife was admitted into the hospital for observation because she was in preterm labor. Because of our distance from the NICU the doctors said she couldn't go home, but if the Ronald McDonald house had a room available next door she could stay there. The Ronald McDonald house did have a room and turned out to be a blessing to my wife and our unborn children. We were scared to death of the thought of our babies coming at 28 weeks and the doctors didn't give my wife a week. My wife proved them wrong with the help of the awesome Ronald McDonald house with their comfort and kept them in for another 5 weeks.

On October 26th, at 33 weeks my twins Everette, and Emma were born at almost 5lbs each. We were lucky they had gotten as big as they did, as they were super healthy but needed to grow. We spent 21 days in the NICU and they got to come home on November 16th. The NICU Doctors, and Nurses are some amazing people. I got to get to know, and watch people who truly love what they do for a living.

The Toledo NICU, and Ronald McDonald house are two great organizations that my family can't ever repay back enough. If you're ever looking for a great place to donate to these are two true legit organizations.

Everette and Emma are now 3 months old and slowly finding their personalities. Thank you to @Joe for the awesome outfits they're wearing in this photo. The saying on their onesies can't be true enough.

Becoming a dad has shown me what it is like to hold my heart outside of my body.



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Great pic @Jesse!  And can't imagine what you and @Coral beauty went through emotionally during those months, but can only say it is all worth it!  It will be a wild ride and the next thing you know we will all be at your place for a graduation party!  Soak it in, it blows by fast!

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They are definitely in the top 10 cutest babies. Lol. Under my kids and grandkids. Those outfits are so fitting. I’m happy for you & Ann and know you will both make great parents.  

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