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Out of town. AI prime. Nem seems to be bleaching.

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Look bleached ? Normally very orange with green base .. has been under a higher intensity setting, set on acclimate still, likely at 60% by now. Is there a way to adjust without being on home wireless?

Does he look bleached ? How would you proceed if out of town? I’d think it would hide during intense light if it needed to :( how long do I have if it is bad?


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15 minutes ago, Joe said:

He looks full and happy. If he is not getting enough light, he will move, in theory anyway. 

Worried it’s suddenly too much light. I’ve read that they can release their xoawhateverers and go south when bleachy. Nems stress me out. Always doing something crazy. 


20 minutes ago, Muttley000 said:

I don’t know about your light and he looks pale in that pic, but mine look more pale at the end of the daylight period too. Plus a phone pic who knows right. Good luck!

I hadn’t thought to compare during the cycle. 

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