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Reef Systems Coral Farm


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IMG_20190302_132016.jpg8459 Peter Hoover Rd, New Albany, OH 43054 

Stopped in at Reef Systems Coral Farm in New Albany, Ohio over the weekend. I had not really heard anything about this place, until I saw a Youtube video of someone visiting. Found out it was only 15 minutes away from my sisters house so I thought it was worth a visit the next time I was in Columbus. One thing that makes this place different from other local stores, is that they are actually propagating their own frags. Not saying all fish stores do this, but many stores order in a colony an then cut frags from that. Reef Systems philosophy is to be self sustaining with large colonies they have growing in 1500 gallon tanks in their greenhouse out back. I was extremely impressed with the size of many pieces they had. Especially the clams you will see in the pictures. Some are hard to see from all the glare of the green house, but you can make them out. There were plenty three if not four times the size of my head. 

They have a 900 gallon display that was very impressive. 18 different tanks housing frags, ora fish and coral, and wild caught items. They will QT your fish for you. I believe it is fish cost + 20%, but don't quote me on that one. Over all definitely worth a stop. They have a large amount of Neptune and Ecotech products on hand! Enough of me talking... to the pics. 



















The last two fish on my wish list they had in stock hanging out together. (Sohal and Dussumieri Tangs). Wish I could have taken them home with me. 





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3 hours ago, Muttley000 said:

Wow, really cool!  I've always wondered about this place because they never seem to have much coral listed on the website when I look.  Definitely looks to be worth the trip!

Yeah they said they are not big on advertising, more word of mouth. I just dont know how a store can stay open like that nowadays. Most vendors are online, and can sell stuff as soon as they post it. I feel like it is something that almost has to be a priority anymore. Yet, they still seem to be doing good. 

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Every time I have been in this store it is busy. Staff is able to speak to the product and they do some good social media marketing to the local audience.


Also appreciate when I saw a clown trigger that was beautiful and asked a few questions. They were quick to point out some of the tank demands of the fish. I could not make this purchase (wasn't going to). Great respect for a store that talks customers out of a purchase if it isn't good for the fish,

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I went there last September on my way back from vacation. Talked to the owner and the manager for over an hour. Awesome facility with a similar type of setup as tropicorium, however the coral frag selection in the main showroom was hands down better. Their main display tank had (I believe it was a birds nest coral) the size of a small coffee table in it. Everyone was knowledgeable and eager to help even though the were in the middle of draining and moving some tanks. 

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