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My sons tank from 20g to a 40g

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So my son has been around saltwater tank he whole life and it calms him down about 1 1/2yrs ago he wanted to get into the hobby by himself since i was out of it for a few so we set him up a 20g tank and he saves his money to buy the things he needed and i had a lot of bits and pieces and help from my fellow reefers after finding out he wanted to get into the hobby so fast forward a year his tank was doing so good and he was doing all the maintenance on it with me and learning how to keep the fish and some easy corals so i told him we can get a bigger tank and so he can get more into the hobby with diffrent marine life so here are some pics of his 20g and his now 40g 













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18 minutes ago, Jesse said:

Very cool! I love seeing younger people get into the hobby. Looks like you have a smart boy on your hands.

Thank you you should see some of the wprkers at the zoo when he starts naming the fish and the facts about them 

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29 minutes ago, Fishoutofwater said:

I have a 210 that would be better than the 75 he could snorkel and take care of it lol. But seriously it’s great to see a young kid taking the care of a saltwater tank to heart. 

I wish lol pnce i get a house with a basement im getting a big system 

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