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Wwc coral club

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Last month i joined wwc coral club.its a subscription monthly program where you get two levels to choose from

The silver and gold,i am doing the silver one.i get 5 different frags a month plus some little goodies.anywhere from a t shirt last month to a wwc cooler this month along with stickers can coolers etc..

You get to pick from different types like lps,sps,softies,zoes,monti,chalice,acros..the gold pack you get the higher end acros and sps.

I did the silver to try it out a few months and see how the corals do as i set up my calcium reactor

They also keep track what you have been sent as long as you are in the program so you don't get doubles.

I hope to grow them out and join the trade forward program in the club..i think you all have great ideas and a great club i am glad to have joined










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Will post updates as things move along...as with most i always search their web site and price what the frags they sent would cost me

This month alone it would have cost me 161.00 to buy the same frags

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