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Cincinnati Coral and Aquarium


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Cincinnati Coral and Aquarium opened today. 

Super cool store! I have walked into a lot of stores, and feel like there are FTD's (Fishy Transmitted Diseases) all over the place. NOT HERE!!! This is the Westin for your coral and fish. A very beautiful store! Very clean, and even though they are still in the building stages, it will rock your filter socks!
Nice display tanks from Planet Aquariums and Red Sea (even though they are empty... So much potential!). @Muttley000 would go bananas because of all of the Neptune gear on hand. Future plans for a Neptune display wall, already in the orange and gray color scheme. 
Fish layout is very impressive. One thing that I really appreciate, is that they will QT all fish for two weeks prior to selling. Even if a fish is slightly more expensive, I think this is a great idea. 
Coral tanks have a lot of potential. Three independent systems, that had some coral on display, but I am sure they will fill up as the tanks mature and inventory is recieved. 
Definitely worth the visit, and the staff are very friendly. I would venture to say this is the nicest store in Cincinnati. 
Saw @DustingrahamRRA there this morning and scored a nice deal on some CUC. Hopefully he snagged a few pics and can chime in also. Here are some pics the kids and I took this morning. 














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2 minutes ago, Muttley000 said:

Wow, this looks like an incredibly nice store!  Keep us posted on their progress and thanks for the pics!

For sure! I'm thinking we get with them and schedule a group meet or something. Maybe in a month or two, to give them some time to settle in. 

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A lot of work has already been put into this place! I met the owner at the Buckeye Reef Expo and I was happy to see his plans came to life! Walking in, you notice how large the space really is. Tall ceilings, extremely nice counters and floors and a soon to be SPS dominate 300 gallon display. I look forward to working with and shopping at Cincinnati Coral and Aquarium! 

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