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Super Green Kenya Tree

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This Super Green Kenya Tree’ from Reefkoi is the Bomb!


Soft corals are one of the most overlooked group of corals in the aquarium hobby, which is a darn shame since there’s so much variety to appreciate. The most recent softy to really perk up our polyps is a super green variety of the almost invasive Kenya Tree coral. 

There’s actually a few brown soft corals that go by the name of ‘Kenya Tree’, both of which belong to the genus Litophyton, not to be confused with the Lithophyllon colonial disc corals. The Litophyton genus of ‘Kenya Trees’ itself also includes at least thirteen different species, many of which could be variable both in color, shape and growth form. Also don’t confuse it with another soft coral genus called Capnella which is often seen in a minty green, but much more commonly available. 


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