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Frags for Sale: Colorful Softies, Zoas, LPS, etc. (package deals available)

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Looking to clear out my frag tank section. Here is what I have for sale.  Package deal: buy 2, save $5, and save $5 for each additional frag (excluding $10 frags)

Here is what I have:

  • Neon Green Nephthea
    • x1 - $15 size, x5 - $20 size and x3 - $30 size (9 total)
  • Pulsing Purple and Green sinularia (polyps pulse from time to time)
    • x2 - $20 
  • pink photosynthetic gorgonian
    • x3 - $15
  • Cornbread Rainbow Infusion Zoas
    • x2 - $30
  • Eagle Eye Zoas
    • x1 - $15 - x1 - $25
  • Armor of God Zoas
    • x1 - $20
  • Blue & Red Acan
    • x1 - $25
  • Mint Green Candy Canes
    • x3 - $10
  • Green-Orange-Purple marbled Chalice (large)
    • $60
  • Large Maze Brain Colony 
    • $60

Also pictured are a lepto frag, 2 frogspawn frags 2 rasta frags, a decent size neon green toadstool and a Fruit loops frag - I would sell them, but they are either small or recovering from a rescue tank so I am letting them recover before advertising.

Pics(I just got a DLSR but don't know how to use it to take fancy pics yet):



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Updates - I got my Macro lens so I tested it out taking pics of frags. some pics are pretty bad but colors are fairly accurate. 

I have added 2 blue ricordea florida and adjusted some prices

I just fragged more gorgonians tonight and will frag some more sinularia tonight, so those will be a few weeks before they're ready.



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Here's what I currently have:

  • Green and Gold Ricordea x2 (1 pending) - $15
  • 4 head indo torch green w/ purple tips - $250 obo (may cut into single heads if no interest)
  • Pink Gorgonian - $15
  • Green Nephthea x4 - $20
  • Pulsing Sinularia x4 - $20
  • x2 Rainbow Infusion Zoas (3-4 polyps) - $25
  • Eagle Eye Zoas x2 - $20 and $10
  • Armor of Gods (many polyps) x1 - $20
  • Fruit Loop Zoas (~4 polyps) - $10
  • Candy Canes Mint x3 - $10
  • Orange and Purple Lepto (LPS) - $20

NFS (unless you want to take the risk, rescue corals recovering) in pics:

  • x2 frog spawn still NFS but may sell if someone wants to take the risk
  • 2 small fruitloop zoas
  • neon green toadstool

What my healthy toadstool looks like:


Rainbow Infusion (WYSIWYG)



Lepto (I need to remove algae)


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Mod - please close. 
A lot of this list is gone so I want to make a new thread with a lot of new corals and colonies when I take my tank down in a month for cross-country move.

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