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Just putting this out there to see if there is any interest. I have a pretty much brand-new Apex controller with a DOS. I kind of bought it on a whim, and can't return it now that it has been opened. I have it set up, so it has seen water, but only for a week or 2.

I'll probably get some sort of controller in the near future, but this isn't really what I want/need at the moment.

I'd sell the Apex to a Buckeye Reefer for $750 (with a Neptune Probe Rack). I'd let the DOS go for $250. I'll ship, but we might have to split the cost or something. Local pickup is preferred though.

Any takers out there?


Edit: I'm in NE Ohio close to Akron

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10 minutes ago, Muttley000 said:

Could be just a touch on the high side but not unfair. If you are anxious to move it someone would snap it up for near your price on R2R, just a bigger audience there

Cool thanks for the feedback. Not in a huge hurry to sell it. I'm still too new at R2R to sell it there though.

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