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Exclusive: GHL Ultimate Group Buy for Buckeye Reef Members!

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As a thank you to all Buckeye Reef members for such a warm welcome, we at GHL would like to do something special for you.


Starting June 17 to July 5, 2019...receive 15% off all GHL products!

Offer includes: ProfiLux 4 / 4e controllers, Dosing pumps, LED lighting, KH Director, and more.
Coupon code: BuckeyeGHLevent
Coupon valid at the GHL USA online store
Excludes: Aquarium Fans




AND...that's not all!

We're also giving participants the opportunity to receive an additional coupon (up to 15% off) valid towards their next purchase from GHL USA!
Who doesn't love extra discounts???

Here's how to qualify
10% off future coupon
In order to qualify for this coupon, do the following:

  • Purchase at least 1 of the following products; ProfiLux 4 controller...Any GHL Mitras LX7 LED...Any KH Director set
  • Create a thread documenting your changeover and share it on Buckeye Reef and Reef2Reef
    • ProfiLux: Post and share on R2R controller thread...example "My switch from --- to GHL ProfiLux controller
    • Lighting: Post on R2R lighting thread
    • KH Director: Post on R2R equipment thread
      • Update your thread regularly
      • Post plenty of photos, unboxing, close-ups documenting the change
  • When the above is done...email the links to your threads to: info@ghlusa.com

15% off future coupon
To qualify, do the following:

  • Meet the 10% off coupon requirements
  • Post a YouTube video showing an unboxing of the product
    • Talk about why you made the purchase
    • How you plan to use it on your tank
    • Show what's included
    • BONUS: Show snippets of you setting it up on the app
  • Email both forum postings and YouTube video links to: info@ghlusa.com

NOTE: Only 1 additional coupon will be issued to each participant who meets the requirements for either the 10% or 15% off coupon
NOTE: Future coupon will be valid for 1 year from date of issue
NOTE: Future coupon may only be used once

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3 hours ago, crimsonvice said:

Gonna take a week or so to make the transition. I will be in Seattle Sunday through Wednesday, so I don't want to make the full transition this week. 

Wise move. Sorry you have to visit the left coast lol

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18 minutes ago, Fishoutofwater said:

@GHL Wish I could have participated in this.  I won a gift certificate through R2R that I had to use on certain sponsor sites. I did however purchase a Profilux 4 mega set. 

Nice, full report!  Got any apex stuff for sale now?

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1 hour ago, Reefsprout said:

Is there still time to get in on this? The ghl website says the code is expired. Thanks!

Coupon adjusted. Ends today!

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