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Hammer, zoas, Yumas and bta's

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Have some things to trade. 

4 or 5 heads of green stem purple tip hammer might get broken down into two frags.20190705_113911-02.thumb.jpeg.e5c1f87ff50c247d922b611fbfd069fd.jpeg

Green BTAs with pink tips.20190705_114410-01.thumb.jpeg.da92d0baef7e69d0555af4af3ec073ae.jpeg

Two big rocks covered in pandoras.


Multiple polyp frags of wwc purple monsters20190705_114158-01.thumb.jpeg.5c1aff351de793420046abbb88545d2d.jpeg

Nice bright Yumas 20190705_114246-01.thumb.jpeg.a74d626ae38ada4f1593f72465875e4f.jpeg

Multiple polyp frags of Nirvanas20190705_114637-01.thumb.jpeg.bfc6c70f5887731ab12065dac1a9f10f.jpeg

Multiple polyp frags of scrambled eggs?20190705_114218-01.thumb.jpeg.22d67afa6fcaba70461213c9ee2a8a58.jpeg

Prefer to trade for new stuff but will sell if need be. 

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Hammer (4-5 heads) $35

Green bta's $25

Purple monsters (3-4 polyp) $20

Yuma $25 each

Nirvana's (3-4 polyps) $15

Scrambled eggs (3-4 polyps) $15

Clove polyps (4-5 polyps) $20

Green frogspawn looks like it's about to be 4 heads $60

Rock covered in pandoras $25


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