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Hello from Sullivan

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Hey all! Joined a few months ago but haven't been active. Figured I would give a quick intro. I have had fresh water tanks my entire adult life (58yrs) and became interested in salt water about 3 years ago. Current tanks running are a 150 gallon and a 180 gallon plumbed to a shared 125 gallon sump. Fish are a few tangs. Naso, purple, 2 yellow, convict, yellow eye kole, along with a Niger trigger, magnificent Foxface, spotted rabbit fish, mellanaris wrasse, bi-colored goat fish, harlequin tusk, maroon clown, pair of tomato clowns,and a zebra Moray. At least I think that's all. Corals are a few softies and lps and one long tentacle nem and too many bubble tip nems to count. The bedroom tank is a reefer 170 with a red nem a pair of clowns just added, two maxima clams and a Hippo tang growing out along with a few small lps. Nothing exotic but they keep me out of trouble. The fish are pets and greet me whenever I am near the tank. Sure they are begging for food, it works for fish as well as dogs. The pics are cell phone shots and probably don't show all the current stock. Anyway hello to all



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2 minutes ago, Muttley000 said:

Your set ups look great, and welcome officially!  What are you doing to maintain these tanks?  What kind of equipment are you using?

The two plumbed together have a reef octo skimmer in the sump. I can't remember the model but it is not rated for the volume of water that the two combined equal. I also run an undersized bio pellet reactor. I have chaeto in the center chamber that is lit from above with a home depot grow light and 2 led grow lights from amazon on the sides so it is lit pretty much all the way around. I feed pretty heavily twice a day every day and have been able to keep nitrates below 10 for several months after them being over 40 for more than a year. I harvest the chaeto every 2 weeks or less so I think that combined with the bio pellets have been a big help there. Light is 3 Chinese black boxes over each with 3 over the 150 upgraded with SB reeflight boards. The reefer 170 has only been running since February with another reef octo skimmer and nothing else. I have marinepure bio cubes in the sump so I can keep the display uncluttered. Nitrates on that one have been just a trace since the begining so I recently removed the skimmer and used the chamber to start a fuge with chaeto and rock rubble in hopes of increasing the pod population to sustain a mandarin in the future. My wife likes them so if I can keep her interested it makes it much more fun for us both. Lighting on that is a single Ai hydra 26. I have been doing a 4 gallon water change weekly on the reefer to keep calcium up for the clams and 28 gallons bi-weekly on the other combo. I'm long winded when typing /talking but try to keep things fairly simple. 


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