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Top Shelf Aquatics - Visit Orlando

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Had to go to Orlando for business and made a stop at Top Shelf Aquatics. Unfortunately, I missed MACNA and wasn't able to attend :37427092_32(39):


TSA is located at 7250 Aloma Ave #102, Winter Park, FL 32792. It's parked right on a main road, next to a bank and a place that had some pretty aggressive lifted Jeeps. The tinted windows make it hard to see what's inside, but you can still spot that distinctive blue glow peeking through the tint. 

Walking in was very impressive! The name says it all, Top Shelf. Everything was immaculately clean and clearly labeled. These guys have it down!

They even made me feel super special and took me back to the coral farm to show me there two grow out tanks. I am sure if you ask, they will take anyone back, but it sealed the deal for me. 

Amazing place and worth the stop if you are ever in the area. 



The Dussameri and Orange Shoulder tangs where a foot + in size! Amazing fish!!! 





















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On 9/3/2019 at 10:56 AM, Muttley000 said:

Wow looks like an awesome place!  Did you bring anything back with you?

I didn't bring anything back with me, but am having it shipped. I picked up two pieces, that should have been here by the end of the week, but because of the hurricane are being delayed. I will be on vacation next week, so hopefully I will get them the week after. 

One piece that is right up your alley... Optimus Prime and Billy Murray. 

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On 9/5/2019 at 11:08 PM, Fishoutofwater said:

I told my wife I wanted to get a bill Murray acro the other week lol.  But I also told her I wanted the dan akroyd and the fruity pebbles. Some awesome choices as usual. 

I can help you out with frags when things a growing and you are ready. I have the fruity pebbles, and have to say that it is going to be one AMAZING table! 

I haven't picked up Dan Akroyd yet. Seems to be more of a bright green with some hints of red at times. I have a lot of that already. Maybe one day though. All of their stuff is very cool. They are part of the micro frags club though. Not all of them are super small, but some of the higher priced things tend to be that way. :538995970_32(33):

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4 hours ago, Zaireguy said:

Yeah a bill murry is high on my list as well.we r going to disney in nov and i told the boss there r a few places i want to see being there

It's about 15-20 minutes away from Disney depending on where you stay, but definitely worth the visit if you have time. 

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I want to check them out with wwc and living reef.....i dont care for animal kingdom its boring to me so i hope we spend half a day in that park and the other checking out store

I really want to vist wwc...i hope one day to make it to retirement and move down there

We love the Orlando area

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