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After a Brown Jelly disaster wiped out my LPS en mass, I’ve been laying low and watching my softies. Will be looking to reload at RAP Chicago next month, and figured that now was as good a time as any to upgrade lighting. 

I’ll be removing my current setup of a Fluval Sea v3.0 and an Orbit Current Marine, and changing to a single OR T247. 

Can anyone in the group recommend a solid ch1/ch2 intensity setup on these lights? I know more than a few of you still run these - what are your timer settings? I’ve read some older threads on timer settings, thought I’d ask about intensity as well. 

Running a Fluval M90. 36x17x16


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I believe I have mine on for 12 hours with the blues and 11 hours with the whites.   For you I would keep the time roughly the same as what you currently do, and if you wish to expand, do that after everything is acclimated to the light.  That being said I would start very low and work your way up slowly...like a 3% bump a week.  I cant tell what sized tank you have there but if I were to guess,  a 20 long or 29 gallon.  So I would start with the whites at 1% on that thing and your blues between 5-10%   If your light is brand new, I don't think I would ever get the blues over 30-35% and the whites 10% but your tank conditions may allow for some play since no 2 tanks are the same.  Watch how everything is reacting and adjust accordingly, im going to bet some of your softies up top aren't going to like it at first.

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