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5-Pack Easy to keep SPS mini colonies (Moving Sale)

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I have decided that I don't want to have to worry about moving these across the country. You may have seen my other moving threads, well here is hopefully my last where I am selling my 5 mini-colonies (maybe large colonies in today's terms!) 

All 5 for $200 (which is $40 a piece) - Located in Dublin Ohio

  • Green Slimer Acro
  • Yellow Tip Austera (Might be a Poletti yellow tip, looks identical)
  • ORA Frogskin Acro
  • Blue Tip Stag (I can't capture correct color worth a damn)
  • Forest Fire M. Digiata

The yellow tip and forest fire were grown back out from some encrusted left overs from the last time I ripped the SPS out of my system and grew back to colonies, so they are very hardy. Actually, all of these SPS are considered beginner SPS. 




Yellow Tip


Forest Fire Digi and Frogskin


Blue Tip Stag (cant capture color well, but its a purplish brown body with bright blue growth tips. This sucker grows quick!)


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