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New from Columbus Area

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Hello everyone. My name is Adam. I am from the Columbus area and just wanted to pop in and say hello. I have been into the hobby going on 8 years now. Currently I have an IM 25 Lagoon tank with little mix of everything. I recently moved back to the Columbus area after about 3 years away. In the time i had a couple moves, traveled for work, and the tank was left kinda on auto pilot at my parents home where is didn't get the regular maintenance needed. Corals did OK, Hollywood Stunner grew like a weed but bubble algae took over the tank along with hair algae. Now that i have it moved back with me i hope to get everything back on the right track and get back to my normal habits.

Here are a couples pictures of before and after the move.


8/24/19 Pre Move

FTS 20190824 - Premove.jpg


After Move - 9/12/19 (i did lose the birdsnest colony unfortunately. Everything else is recovering well)

FTS 20190912.jpg

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