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40BR Reef

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Lighting: 2x Ai Prime HD

Refugium lighting: Ai Prime Fuge

Skimmer: Reef Octopus EsSence S-130

Overflow: Eshopps Eclipse L

Tank: Marineland 40BR, drilled, plasti-dipped the back.

Sump: Custom made acrylic sump thanks to Aquatica

Stand: Cheap aqueon pine stand.  I reinforced the corners and made the center brace removable to fit the sump.  I would've rather made something but I've been stuck with this from another tank for a while now and never have much free time with these projects.


I'll post things as replies to keep the thread a little cleaner to manage.

Shoutout to the few places I always like to make use of:

Triton Marine Aquaculture - Macedonia, OH

Tidal Gardens - Copley, OH

Aquatica - Valley City, OH

Savko Plastics - Columbus, OH

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Here was the plumbing:



I plan to get a low profile strainer and a slip 90 elbow from BRS to quiet the trickle drain with a U-tube or whatever they're called.  I originally picked up most of the plumbing from Savko plastics. This was a nice one stop shop and they had all the clear PVC solvents.

I like to buy saw-cut shelf rocks and add a few acrylic cubes to raise the rock off the bottom of the tank.  I also drilled a few holes and epoxied an arch structure together from another tank.  A few photos showing what I mean by that:


I managed to finally build the scape and add the live sand:



You'll notice I had to put a piece of acrylic on the overflow to adjust the weir as it originally kept the water level below the rim. 

I started to regret buying this overflow as I was really eyeing the shadow overflows, but it'll work just fine.  I was originally going to have one custom made but it never happened.

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3 hours ago, jeff70 said:

beautiful: what's going in there?


Not too sure.  Lots of ideas bouncing around from THIS to smaller wrasses like fairies to a bunch of symbiotic pairs (sexy shrimp, clowns, pistol/gobies).

Real focus is coral and keeping it as easy going with maintenance, and hopefully minimum water changes.  It'll be a mixed reef for sure, but lighter on SPS, and I plan to get a clam.  I'm currently eyeing where to lay some rock flower anemones I have as I'd like to get to work on having a small garden of them in the sand at one of the corners.

My sump is practically the same size as the display, with a refugium that measures right around 8 gallons so 20% of the display.  I hope between emptying the skimmer cup, changing socks, and culling chaeto I can keep some more sensitive things without being chained to much more in weekly maintenance.

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2 hours ago, crimsonvice said:

Nice build! Can't wait to see some coral in there!!!

I've got a few frags moved in but if you plan to go to the swap in middleburg heights on the 26th I'd have quite a few more!...

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