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IM 25g Lagoon

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Just wanted to start a little something to try and maybe better help document the tanks progress now that things are more settle since it's recent move.

Tank: Innovative Marine 25g Lagoon

Light: Radion xr15pro gen 3

Circulation: IceCap Gyre 1k and Hydro Nano240, stock return pump

Skimmer: Reef Glass Nano Skimmer

Dosing: BRS dosing pumps, currently dosing ESV B-ionic 2 part


It's been exactly one month since I moved the tank and got it setup back up. Everything is looking much happier, parameters are staying stable, and everything seems to be settling in well.

I plan to clean things up a bit, remove, the mass amount of Xenia infested everything, and possibly rescape to allow some more space. I want to add more SPS over the next few months and try to start some nice colonies. Planning on heading down to the expo next weekend to see what goodies I can grab.





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On 9/27/2019 at 12:11 PM, Muttley000 said:

Looks like a nice system, looking forward to watching it grow!


On 9/27/2019 at 3:32 PM, jakesweep said:

I love these lagoon tanks. Thanks for sharing.


2 hours ago, Joe said:

Love the pics. Nice set up. 

Thank everyone! Excited to be able to focus on things more and go more sps

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Think I'm a little over loaded on frags after the frag swap this weekend...and my WWC Coral Club subscription.

Shoutout to @crimsonvice for the awesome Gatorade and twizzler zoas...and the PC rainbow and forest fire digi frags. Nice meeting you and thanks for taking the time to chat a bit.

Also was able to grab a few other nice pieces, some nice size rasta, alpha Omega, and utter chaos, jack-o'-lantern lepto, and two big pieces of wwc yellow tips and miyagi tort








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@Dr.Fraggenstien nice meeting you too! Sorry I didn't know that was you i got those pieces from. Both are looking good so far. I'll definitely update.

Got a little outta of hand last night during my water change. Moved one rock to try and remove some algae... pulled another out to remove some Xenia...next think I know, rescaped the entire tank. Hopefully things stay happy.

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