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massive lr and fish sale

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unfortunately real life just kicked me in the teeth and i need to teardown my 150gal tank

looking for what ever you feels right to give i will be going through a divorce

first come first serve

heath ohio 43056

i have some buckets for the live rock but nothing for the fish

halloween urchin

2 pin cushions

zerba urchin

6 chromis

3 blue devils

blue tang

flame angel

2 clowns


sand sifting star fish

royal gramma

mandrin goby

blood shrimp

coral banded 

30 snails or more

300lbs of live rock 1dollar lb  tons of richordia zoas devils hand a ultra anemone a bubble.tip and 5 years of pods 

i have a ton of equipment too but i will post in the other channel 

but livestock need to go first   i will sell the tank stand hood with all livestock and liverock for 800 it is a 150gal tall tank and its heavy bring a friend












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Are the snails the kind that need sand?   (sorry. blanking on the name)


You are 2 hours from me, but for a a few colonies, all shrimp, all snails that you can easily catch, and all of the urchins, and anemone or 2,  I may be able to make that drive.   


Sorry about your troubles.   I got divorced 3 or 4 years ago, and it sucks, whether it’s “your call” or not

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