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massive equipment sale apex vortech radion

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apex 2016 full with modules 

2 fmm, wxm, ald w 4 probes, lsm with 3 leds chain, with multiple flow sensors from .5in to 1in

2 cor 20 pumps

200int reef oct skimmer 

kessil flora led light

apex ato kit 

2 mp40qds with batt backup

2 apex flo pumps 

2 radions xr30 pros

1 xr15 pro

kalkwasser reactor 

3 brs reactors 

aqua uv sterilizer

apex dos

pm1 with probes

extra eb8 bar

maxxcap 90gal rodi 

complete mixxing station brute 44

all livestock must go first 

3000 for everything which is the price for the 3 radions and the apex 2016 by itself

3800 for all live stock and equipment see my other post for that

i will split up equipment but prefer to sale all at once













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everthing is best offer but i must move all the livestock first unless you want everything. if you took the time im sure there is over 8000 dollars even at used ebay prices on here

all offers open but i cant ship atm ether

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Just now, redevil13 said:

whenever at this point i still have flow in the tank so its up to you

i work mostly days during the week

I’ll get with you later this week. 

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