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Email from GHL P4

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So I took some time tonight to mess around with the email settings of my Profilux 4. I had copied and pasted a line of text that I found somewhere on the internet and have had that as my daily "Tank Update" every morning at 9am. I was never completely satisfied with it, so tonight I did some research on how to input tokens into the email program, and now I have a nice morning report while I am doing my morning "paperwork". :891552755_32(17):

If you haven't already setup up your P4 to provide emails, you will have to get that setup. It's not very complicated, but it took me a second. I created an account with Gmail that will strictly be dedicated to messages sent from my P4. That way it is easy to identify which email is coming from P4 by the incoming email address, Brandonssupersexyp4controlledtank@gmail.com.

Your email page will look something like this.



Now that you have all of that setup, you can start to add specific emails to your list. You can see that I have a Test, Sensor Out of Range, Tank Update, and Alarms emails already set up. I used the following Token file found on GHL's website to help assist in creating my email. The following is what I placed into the text field for my email:


$$SENN[x]$$: $$SENV[x]$$
KH Director: $$SENV[k]$$

Dosing Pumps:




Reef Tanks Are My Life!!!


Most of that looks like jiberish, but if you look at the Tokens document there is a nice list of what each value represents. Some of these are auto generated like the sensors and the KHD. You just click on the auto generate tab and select the info you would like to have displayed. Others like the Dosing Pumps section I pieced together with the tokens document. For quick overview this is what the tokens I used mean.

$$DOSD[x]$$ = Dosing Pump Discription for [x] specified dosing pump
$$DOSF[x]$$ = Dosing Pump Fill Level for specified dosing pump
$$DOSC[x]$$ = Dosing Pump Capacity Level for specified dosing pump 



Then I scheduled the email to be sent everyday at 0900.


This is what the email looks like when I get it. 




Hope this is helpful to some of those that are using the P4 in the group. It took me a bit to navigate through this and get it how I wanted it to look. 

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This is pretty much the same information that I can see on my Dashboard when I access the GHL app. However, you have to open the app to see this information. While it is only a few taps on my phone, tablet, or computer to access my GHL Dashboard, it's not always something I do. Having this information presented in email form on a scheduled basis, whilebeit not as pretty, can be a little time saver. So having this available is a nice little function for me.  

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11 minutes ago, Muttley000 said:

Looks nice!  I see the salinity is wonky. Have you not calibrated or is it just as touchy as the apex probes are for some people?

Yeah, I have been trying to raise it up slowly. I did a water change recently and it dropped. The probe doesn't need to be calibrated. Comes ready to go. 

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