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My first Waterbox!

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IM BAAAAAAAACK! After a long awaited 2 years I’m getting back in the game in a big way. After moving again to what I hope to be my final move, my wife has given me the go ahead to buy a tank. She text me and said she thought a spot in our living room would be a good spot for a tank! Well... I ran with it haha. Now that the back story is over I am in need of your guys help. This process will take a few months I think to fully come through but I figured I’d start a thread. I am going to list what I am thinking below and I would love in-site on what is the good stuff now a days or if there are better things out now. 

Tank- Waterbox 100.3 ( 97 gallons total with sump 36 x 24 x 22) OR Waterbox 130.4 ( 127 gallons total with sump 48 x 24 x 22) (I chose these because they seem to have great reviews and I love the depth of the tanks and the design of the overall look) I’m not sure which one I am going to choose yet. If you have a Waterbox then please comment and let me know what you think of them.

Lighting- 2/ AI Hydra 32 OR 2/ Radion XR30w G4 (If I pick the Waterbox 130.4) OR 2/ AI Hydra 32 OR 2/ Radion XR15FW Pro G2 (If I pick the Waterbox 100.3)

Controller- ApexEL Advanced Bundle

Pumps- 2/ EcoTech MP10s ( for the 100.3) OR 2/ EcoTech MP40s (for the 130.4)


Ok those are the things that I have thought about so far. Now I need some ideas from you guys! I plan on having a full Reef tank with all types of corals and fish.





Refugium or no? 


Substrate or Bare bottom?







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My tank has shipped!!!! According to their website it should be here Saturday but with the weather it might take longer. I’m still extremely excited lol I’ll post pictures when it gets in!

Thank you! This was my first time trying something like this. I’m really happy on how it turned out.    Thanks everyone, I was able to get the aquascape into the tank! Man that thing was heavy.

Yea I think I’m going to stick with the G4’s. On a good note the rest of my stuff just came in and I’m officially done with my buying till I’m ready for fish and corals! 

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Thanks guys! @Joe I was just going to get a used tank till I found these! They seem pricy but I talked my wife into them haha. I showed her the dimensions of it in the location it will be in and she said she likes the thought of the bigger one haha I wasn’t going to argue with her. Happy wife happy life right :2039856901_32(18):

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Well holy cow... not proud of how much I spent but hey no going back now!!! If I don’t post for awhile my wife has killed me so please call the cops lol jk! Everything is ordered!!! The Waterbox won’t be shipped for 6-8 weeks!!!!


All in all I am very excited and I can’t wait for all the new toys to come in!!!




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Well here is my list of what has come in so far. 

Apex Advanced package

Radion XR30w G4 Pro x2

40lbs of Caribsea liferock baserock

40lbs of Caribsea liferock shelfrock

20lbs of Caribsea liferock shapes

Bubble magus Curve 5

Marine Depot Kleanwater 4 stage RODI system

Still to come:

Vortech MP40WQD x2

Vectra M2 return pump

Waterbox 130.4 Tank and Stand











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So I called Waterbox because I have not received my M2 or MP40s. It said that they ship straight from the manufacturer in 3-5 days. Well I wanted to know how they get tracked so I could keep an eye on them. WELLLLL I was informed that Waterbox doesn’t send the order to the manufacturer until 5-7 days AFTER I get the tank!!! The tank won’t be here for another 7 weeks (approximately). So I will have the tank for over a week with no return pump or circulation pumps! Do other companies do this? What the heck! Super frustrating! Rant over. 

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